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Libraries FAQs

Have questions? Read through our FAQs below. Still can't find an answer? Visit our support page for order-related inquiries, help with your Transparent Language product, or to simply contact us.

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Product Access
How can I buy Transparent Language Online for Libraries?

To discuss subscription options, you can contact us at library-sales@transparent.com. Please include your total annual circulations in your inquiry. We look forward to hearing from you!

Fill out the form on our website to get in touch!

Will our users have access to all languages in the system?

Yes! Subscriptions to Transparent Language Online for Libraries come with access to all available languages in the system. As new languages are added, they will be automatically made available to your learners at no additional cost. Admins can remove languages from the list of available languages visible to your learners, should you wish to do so.

Will our users have unlimited access to Transparent Language Online?

Yes! We allow for unlimited simultaneous usage. Transparent Language Online will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with very limited interruption for maintenance and updates.

General Product Information
How are your solutions different from others?

Your learners will benefit from several significant differences:

  • Robust language offering: With over 110 languages (and growing!), as well as English (ESL/ELL) for speakers of over 30 languages, Transparent Language Online provides one of the largest language offerings available.
  • Flexible, efficient learning path: Many programs force learners into an inflexible, linear course. Our courses let learners jump around, so they can spend more time learning what they want, and less time repeating things they already know or don't need.
  • All four core language skills: Would you ever buy a math tutoring system that left out addition? Of course not. Our learning activities build listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Transparent Language Online is the only major language-learning system that teaches learners the alphabet and how to type in the language. Learners can also complete entire activities using only their voice, thanks to our voice analysis tool.
  • Language maintenance: Without practice, newly acquired language skills quickly disappear. Transparent Language Online's refresh system is designed to keep that from happening. The refresh algorithm keeps track of when a learned item becomes "stale" or is at risk of being forgotten and prompts learners to review the right material at the right time. Our approach is about learning a language and maintaining it lifelong.
Which languages do you provide?

Transparent Language Online includes materials in over 110 different languages, including English for speakers of over 30 languages. We are always expanding the list of languages included in our program, so please contact us at library-sales@transparent.com if your community is interested in a language not on the list.

Do you have English (ESL/ELL) learning material?

Yes! Transparent Language Online includes English language-learning materials for speakers of over 30 languages, as well as immersion English lessons and courses for intermediate and advanced learners.

Our English materials include:

  • Beginner courses paired with 32 other languages, so speakers of those languages can start building vocabulary and skills
  • Immersion (English-only) courses for intermediate and advanced learners, including conversation-based courses, advanced listening and reading courses, a business-focused course, and an American Citizenship Test prep course.
What level does Transparent Language Online go up to? How in-depth is it?

While the available material varies by language, all languages generally include enough material to reach the Novice High (Advanced Beginner) level on the ACTFL scale. Many languages include material that will be very useful to a learner in reaching the Intermediate Mid level. In major languages, material that is designed to support learners into the Intermediate High and Advanced levels is provided.

How is culture integrated into Transparent Language Online?

Transparent Language Online includes a variety of culture resources including:

  • Culture videos
  • Vocabulary culture comments
  • Authentic conversation videos (shot in country)
  • Cultural activities in major language courses

Language and culture are connected in the course content development approach, whereby we choose and phrase all items in a culturally appropriate way. Culture is intertwined into the learning process in the form of comments/hints on vocabulary materials. An "About" reference file can also be found in each language, giving the user a background in the language they are learning.

Many courses in the system also include a Cultural Awareness activity with information about the language and a set of questions at the end of the reading content to confirm the learner's understanding. In major languages, cultural information is communicated through specific topical sections of the course, such as "Business Communication" or "Communication Facilitation".

Cultural education content is also provided through our video and blog content. Transparent Language Online includes Language and Culture blogs in 30 languages. The blogs are designed to provide more in-depth cultural content and connect users to the outside world.

Does Transparent Language Online have native speaker pronunciation?

Yes, native speaker pronunciation is included throughout the program for all words and phrases. Every word and phrase in the program are recorded at natural speed by a native speaker, which learners can listen to as often as they like. Our Slow Sound feature lets the learner slow the pronunciation to hear the nuances of the native speaker's pronunciation.

Does Transparent Language Online include speech and pronunciation building?

Yes, the speech activities in Transparent Language Online are powered by our EveryVoice™ technology. EveryVoice analyzes and matches learner utterances to native speaker utterances with accuracy in any language. It allows for a variety of speech-enabled interactions, which builds speaker confidence and ability.

Are mobile apps available? Is your program mobile responsive?

Yes. Transparent Language Online is accessible across multiple devices, automatically syncing learning progress across each platform. Mobile apps are available for iOS and Android™ devices at no additional charge for subscribing libraries.

The program is also fully mobile responsive, so the entire program can be accessed directly through a web browser on a mobile device (tablet or mobile phone). If accessing the website through a mobile device web browser, the program will automatically enhance the experience for the user and take them to the mobile version of the site.

Marketing & Administrative Tools
What types of marketing and training support do you provide?

Transparent Language provides a wide variety of marketing materials, support, and resources to all subscribing libraries throughout the duration of their subscription.

Digital, downloadable resources can be found in the Library Marketing Kit. The kit includes logos, press releases, social media images, videos, posters, flyers, web banners, web buttons, blog posts, print literature, and much more. We provide this support free of charge and can customize resources to your library, as requested.

Live webinars are hosted throughout the year. In addition, webinar recordings and videos outlining different aspects of Transparent Language Online can be found online and can be used for library staff to independently train on the resource. Web-based videos about components of Transparent Language Online can be found here.

We also provide private webinars for your library staff who are interested in learning more about the features of Transparent Language Online. These private webinars are scheduled around a common time that works for your staff and can be tailored to specific needs or questions. To schedule a webinar training for your staff, please contact libraries@transparent.com.

Are usage statistics available?

Yes, designated admins will have access to the administrator portal in Transparent Language Online for the duration of the subscription. Transparent Language Online offers tracking and reporting available 24/7/365 to any designated admin(s) at no additional cost. Statistics can be viewed on screen and easily printed or exported in PDF and CSV formats. Reports can be run for any specific date range for a maximum of 3 years, including monthly. The data available includes, but is not limited to, total sessions, unique users, activity by language, average session time, and mobile activity. Admins can also setup reports to be automatically emailed to them at given intervals for easy accessibility. For issues accessing the admin portal, please contact support@transparent.com.

What types of technical support is provided?

To help users get started and make the most of the system, Transparent Language Online includes a number of instructional aids, such as a robust help system, tutorial videos, screen overlays, and onscreen instructions.

Technical support for end users is available via toll-free phone and email M-F 9am-5pm US Eastern time. Email cases and in-product web form submissions are generally responded to within 24 hours during business hours. An extensive knowledge base, support contact form, and live chat can be found on our website.

What are the bandwidth requirements for Transparent Language Online for Libraries?

Transparent Language Online will work with all modern Internet connections from DSL of 5Mbps, as well as on 4G & higher mobile connections.

Do you Authenticate via a Proxy like EZProxy?

Transparent Language Online can authenticate through various proxies, including EZProxy. For our specific EZProxy integration, please see our knowledge base article. For other Proxy questions, please contact support@transparent.com.

Where can I find information about your accessibility support?

For an in-depth look at the listing of the WCAG 2.0 criteria for software applications and web sites with our current assessment of Transparent Language Online status for each criteria, you can read our WCAG information in our knowledge base.

A VPAT is also available for download.