Transform your community into global citizens.

Transform your community into global citizens.

Empower learners to explore a new language at the library, at home, or on the go using any Internet-connected device. Available in 110+ languages, including ESL, learners have the flexibility they need to learn a new language anytime, anywhere.

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Transparent Language Online

Your library staff and patrons alike will enjoy a complete language-learning solution, featuring:

  • 110+ languages: From Afrikaans to Zulu, the number of languages available to learners is constantly growing. See all available languages.
  • Extensive English collection: With paired English materials for speakers of 30+ languages, intermediate- and advanced-level courses, an American Citizenship Test Prep course, and more, we have the tools for every English learner.
  • Alphabet lessons: You can't learn to read or write if you don't know the alphabet. Get learners started on the right foot with full-length alphabet courses.
  • 25+ learning activities: Interactive learning activities encourage learners to practice all four modalities: listening, speaking, reading, and typing.
  • Mobile learning: Available in the web browser or in a mobile app on any Internet-connected device—computer, tablet, or phone.
  • Usage tracking: An Admin Portal provides real-time, continuously-updated usage reports to help you measure community interest and ROI.
  • Free promotional materials: A Library Marketing Kit provides what you need to spread the word, from blog posts to posters, social media images, and beyond.

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Broaden young learners' horizons with KidSpeak. They'll work their way through fun and engaging activities with their cartoon "friend" and his or her playful pet.

  • Available languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.
  • Easy to access: Available directly through Transparent Language Online, KidSpeak for Libraries is included with all Transparent Language Online for Libraries subscriptions and can be accessed on a computer, laptop, or tablet.
  • Hundreds of words and phrases: Children can add to their seemingly endless vocabulary (and energy!) with over 700 words and expressions per language.
  • Age-appropriate content: Designed for ages 6 and up, children will learn words and phrases suitable for their age, needs, and interests.

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