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Use language technology in support of class time, not instead of class time.


The CL-150 Platform is specifically designed to optimize blended language instruction and prioritize skills-focused class time.

See how the CL-150 Platform supports instructors


CL-150 Platform Instructor Support


The CL-150 Platform delivers pre-class work that is tightly aligned, easily assigned, and highly visible.

  • Support your curriculum:

    • Built-in curriculum support: The CL-150 already includes dozens of USG-created courses and can support any curriculum in 130+ languages.
    • Lesson authoring: Author your own custom lessons in as little as two hours. The Lesson Authoring tool supports text, audio, multimedia, and 25+ learning activities that practice listening, speaking, reading, and typing.
  • Manage your classes:
    • Assignments and communication: Make assignments, send reminders, and track completion. Set your students up for success—and know ahead of time if someone comes to class unprepared.
    • Remote instruction: For classes that can't meet in person, the CL-150 supports virtual instruction.
  • Monitor your results:
    • Proficiency tests: Measure learner proficiency and progress with multi-stage assessments. Available in 23 languages.
    • Tracking and reporting: Track learning time, lesson completion, assessment scores, and more to identify learners in need of support. Create, download, and share reports on all learner activity.

Seamless Transition to On-the-Job Sustainment and Enhancement


Prepare your students to maintain their language skills career-long. The CL-150 Platform transitions learners seamlessly into sustainment immediately upon leaving school.

  • Learned vocab:
    The CL-150collects all vocabulary learned in the platform, and those added from other resources, so learners can regularly refresh while on the job.
  • Cohort lessons:
    Learners continue receiving new, mission-relevant lessons on a weekly basis. CL-150 Cohorts provide a pedagogically sound,two-hourlanguage workout in their designated ILR level.
  • Cohort Plus Tutoring:
    Learners can addone-on-one tutoring to their Cohort regimen to enhance their proficiency on the job.
  • Tracking and reporting:
    Language program managers continue to have full visibility of all learner activity to ensure compliance with sustainment requirements.

Let's talk about supporting your students and instructors with the CL-150.

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Let's talk about how the CL-150 Platform can support your students and instructors.

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