Transparent Language Online for Education:

Educator License Features and Capabilities

Transparent Language Online for Education:

Educator License Features and Capabilities

One size doesn't fit all learners. Give your students a custom fit! With the tools available in the Instructor Portal, you can manage your classes online, make assignments (using our content or your own), and monitor individual student activity and progress.

Manage Classes

  • Easy registration: Create a class and register students on your own, or give students a "class code" enabling them to self-register.
  • Immediate access to materials: Once registered, your students will instantly gain access to the assigned learning material and messages that you want them to see.
  • Built-in messaging: Send messages with assignment announcements, due date reminders, and other useful information, such as links to relevant articles, learning resources, and more.

Make Assignments

  • Hundreds of hours of learning material: Let us do your heavy lifting—or heavy lesson planning. Keep your students engaged with thousands of supplemental words and phrases.
  • Lesson authoring tools: Want to use your existing curriculum or create level-appropriate materials? No problem! You have all of the power to easily create, upload, and assign your own lessons. You can even share the lessons with your colleagues!

Monitor Progress

  • Convenient portal access: With an educator portal accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, you can run reports whenever your schedule allows.
  • Progress tracking: Make sure everything fits just right. You can run reports on a range of real-time user statistics, including lesson completion status, assessment scores, time spent learning, and more to assist with classroom progress reporting and grading.

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