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Reading and Listening Refresher Course

Refresh your listening and reading skills up to ILR 2, 2+, 3, or 3+ with a custom-built virtual course. You pick the language, schedule, and proficiency goals. Our instructors will design a course to meet them ASAP.

Recommended for: DLPT prep, FSI test prep

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About the Course


All instruction is in small groups with a native speaking instructor who is familiar with the needs of US Government linguists including DLPT prep, FSI testing, etc. You'll meet your tutor, complete an initial assessment, and receive a custom skills refresh plan adapted to your needs throughout the course.

See a sample schedule ILR 2, ILR 2+ and ILR 3

In a typical session, you will work on:

  • Analyzing complex texts (summarizing, inferring information and unknown vocabulary, identifying opinion, etc.)
  • Building comfort with listening-specific difficulty drivers (fast speech, reduced forms, background noise, accents, etc.)
  • Familiarizing yourself with events and topics relevant to US Government domains (politics, security, economy, etc.)

Course Materials

Our methodology maximizes class time through a flipped, blended approach in which you pre-load declarative knowledge before applying it with your instructor. You can also access these e-learning materials from almost any device in the CL-150 Platform for additional practice on your own.

Course materials cover:

  • Government-focused themes including culture, politics, economy, technology, cyber, and military
  • Reading and listening comprehension questions based on authentic materials at desired ILR level
  • Domain specific vocabulary and grammar structures commonly encountered at the desired ILR level

Success Stories

"I would recommend this course 100%. I was very prepared for the speaking part of the test. All of the topics we had covered in class, so I felt very comfortable. The reading was difficult, but I am very satisfied with my scores. I needed ILR 2/2/2 and ended up with ILR 3/2/2+."

"My instructor made sure that we looked at a variety of different materials to make sure that I was exposed to various speeds and types of speech. I think the speaking practice especially helped me with my test. I was aiming for ILR 3/3/3. I scored 4/3+/3+."

"A wonderful language training opportunity! It was very good training and my instructor did a great job! I took my DLPT and got a 2+/2+. I really felt like I was getting close to that 3!"

Chinese student

Russian student

Chinese student

Available Languages

  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Russian
  • Spanish (Latin American)
Additional languages available upon request. Don't see your language listed? Fill in the form below to request it!

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