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Eliminate proficiency loss.

Stay organized and stay in the know with the CL-150 Platform, a centralized platform for managing professional language programs. From training plans to learning materials, you can deliver and track it all seamlessly so there's no proficiency loss on your watch.

Organize and provide the right learning materials

  • Set up your program with ease:
    Import your roster, add proficiency scores and test dates, and hit the ground running with just a few clicks.
  • Set clear expectations:
    Implement training plans by setting weekly or monthly goals for your sustainers, so they can track their own progress towards requirements.
  • Deliver fresh, reliable learning materials:
    Provide your sustainers with turnkey, level-appropriate, weekly lesson streams designed specifically for proficiency maintenance, so there's always something relevant to work on.

Increase visibility and accountability

  • Track platform activity:
    From vocabulary refresh to lessons completed, you can monitor all activity in the CL-150 in real time, so you can identify and address problems immediately.
  • Integrate outside activity:
    Aggregate CL-150 learning time with outside learning time using self-reporting tools, so you get the full picture in one place.
  • Report on all activity:
    Create customizable reports to monitor activity and progress over time to ensure your language program is meeting its goals.


All learning activity in the CL-150 Platform is automatically tracked and reportable!


All learning activity in the CL-150 Platform is automatically tracked and reportable!

Communicate seamlessly with all program levels

Communicate seamlessly with all program levels

  • Check in with your sustainers:
    Send messages with reminders or encouragement to ensure your team members are staying on track.
  • Share your success:
    Easily download, email, or integrate CL-150 data into your internal reporting systems so your managers can see your program's success.

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