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Launch custom language courses for government personnel. Any language. Any level. Anytime.

Chinese acquisition ILR 0-2. Russian cyber terminology. Humanitarian relief in Haitian Creole. Whether your need is enduring or emerging, fill the gap ASAP with virtual language courses powered by expert instructors and our USG-focused language platform.

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Start courses in days or weeks, not months.

With 25,000+ hours of learning materials in 130+ languages and rapid lesson authoring tools, we stand up courses on demand. 

  • Pick from existing materials for most purposes.

    Acquire critical languages up to ILR 2. Prep for a DLPT or OPI. Enhance to ILR 3 for key personnel. 

  • Create custom materials for any purpose. 

    The tools we used to make those 25,000+ lessons? We will use them to quickly make more to meet your needs! Lessons in any emerging language, level, and topic can be created on a rolling basis so your students can start ASAP.

  • Support beyond the classroom. 

    The CL-150 Platform supports the entire language learning journey—learning, assessment, sustainment, and enhancement.


Produce mission-ready personnel.

Courses are optimized for virtual instruction. Students get both flexibility and the intensive practice they need to really prepare for real-world scenarios they’ll encounter on the job.

  • Master course materials anytime, anywhere.

    Students build vocab and reading and listening skills with adaptive lessons in the CL-150 Platform. Then come to our virtual language classroom ready to put it into action. 

  • Speak in the language, not about the language.

    Class time is all about performing in the language to prepare for real-life situations. Conversations. Debates. Briefings. Role plays. Every instructor has an advanced degree and experience teaching online, so students are in expert hands.  Learn more about our methodology.

  • Accommodate any schedule.

    All courses are virtual, so students can learn from anywhere. And set the schedule—full-time, part-time, unexpected breaks for TDYs or PCSs, we’ll work around whatever the mission throws their way.


Spend less time gathering data and more time acting on it.

Get more visibility every step of the way with assessments, activity tracking, and automated reports. We use it to tailor instruction on the fly. You can use it to make assignments, measure ROI, and beyond.

  • Track student activity. 

    All learning activity in the CL-150 is tracked so you can monitor learning time, lesson scores, and more.

  • Assess student progress.

    Learners can take reading and listening assessments in the CL-150 up to ILR 3. Instructors conduct formative assessments throughout the course to monitor progress and tailor instruction accordingly.

  • Measure ROI.

    All CL-150 data and narrative feedback from instructors is available automatically via reports.

Request a Course

CL-150 Connect Course Request

Success Stories

Every organization has specific language needs. We listen to your needs and tailor a course to 100% meet your requirements. Here are how fellow language programs have worked with us to make their language goals a reality.

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Test Prep
Workforce-wide Tutoring