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Screen applicants’ language skills in 10 minutes or less.

Streamline your pre-interview or admissions process and identify top candidates quickly with automated English, French, German, and Spanish screening tests you can trust.

Screen high volumes of applicants in minutes

Quickly get a reliable sense of applicants’ language abilities with a test can be taken in 10 minutes or less on almost any device.

  • 2-click test invites:

    Send tests on demand to up to 20 applicants at once with just a few clicks. All you need is their email.

  • 85% completion rate:

    Issue tests with confidence. The short duration and simple interface make our completion rates higher than average.

  • Instant results:

    View results immediately thanks to machine scoring. Use filters in the Admin Portal to find qualified candidates.


Make interviewing decisions with confidence

Our tests may be quick, but they are backed by years of research in language proficiency testing. Results are more then reliable enough to determine who to eliminate and who to interview.

  • Adaptive questions:

    The test adapts to each taker to provide the most accurate estimate of their proficiency.

  • Reliable results:

    A patent-pending test method delivers results that you can trust every single time. Learn more.

  • Backed by research:

    The test format is informed by reputable research and thoroughly validated. Learn more.



As low as

$ 4/test

Recommended for one-time screening needs or issuing less than 10,000 tests/year

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Standard testing portal

  • Issue screening tests on demand in English, French, German, and Spanish
  • Buy more tests as you need them

Admin access

  • Bulk issue tests via email
  • View results immediately
  • Organize results into groups


Annual subscription

$ 40,000/year

Recommended for issuing more than 10,000-50,000 tests/year

Includes everything from Professional, plus:

  • Issue up to 50,000 tests/year

Custom testing portal

  • Add your branding on test portal
  • SSO from recruiting system

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What's the format and how long does it take?

Our screening tests consist of two parts: the first is an alternate-choice test in which the examinee must choose the "more correct or natural" of two words or phrases. The second is a variant of a close test called a C-test, in which the examinee must fill in the second half of every other word in a paragraph, performed for one or more paragraphs. The entire test may take about 10 minutes. Learn more.

How reliable are the tests?

Our screening tests provide reliable estimates of general language proficiency, which can be used to help screen for job applicants or others who require particular levels of language ability. Using pools of paid and volunteer participants, we've validated our test results against well-established benchmark tests (such as the IELTS test for English), and our test items have been checked for validity against industry-standard analysis models. Learn more.

What language skills does the test screen for?

Independent research has consistently shown that the item types and test formats used in Transparent's screening tests provide reliable measures of global language proficiency, owing primarily to the fact that they sample a broad range of natural language features including vocabulary, syntax, morphology, spelling, and discourse pragmatics.

How are test results reported? Are they mapped to any recognized proficiency scales?

In the Admin Portal, the test administrator will see the following results:

  • The elapsed time
  • A score from 20 to 120
  • The corresponding CEFR level

Test results are reported on a scale that ranges from 20 to 120. This scaled score is used to translate the complex mathematical language of log-likelihoods used by psychometricians into a more user-friendly scale using a procedure not unlike that used to translate temperatures from Celsius to Fahrenheit or measurements from centimeters to inches.

In order to map these scaled scores onto the CEFR scale, our screening tests were administered to test takers with recently validated IELTS scores. Reasonably strong correlations between these results in the range of r=.78 to r=.83 establish what is known as the criterion validity of our screening tests and provide a moderately high level of confidence in the mapping from our scaled scores to estimated levels of proficiency (e.g., B1, B2, C1) on the CEFR scale. Learn more.

Can tests be customized for my organization?

Yes! We are able to create tests for additional languages, or English tests for specific domains, on a case by case basis. Fill in the form below and let us know what you're looking for in a custom test. Please include language, domain, proficiency level, and another other relevant details as applicable.

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