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How busy professionals find time to learn a language— and make it stick.

Remote language training that gets results and fits into your employees’ schedules. Transparent Connect combines self-paced lessons with live tutoring to provide the flexibility employees want and the results your organization needs.

How it works

We let our tech and our tutors do what they each do best, so your employees get the best results


Let tech do what it does best.

Tutors assign online vocab and grammar lessons that can be done anytime, anywhere. The tech adapts to each learner’s progress, creating a tailored, efficient learning experience.


Let tutors do what it does best.

No more boring vocab lists in class! Learners apply the pre-loaded vocab and grammar with their tutor, who tailors communicative tasks to each learner’s needs.


You get the best result.

Learners use their new knowledge and skills confidently in conversation with their tutor, simulating real-world scenarios, proficiency assessments, and beyond.

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Transparent Language Online
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Recommended for workforce-wide independent language learning

Great work perk!

  • Unlimited self-guided learning in 110+ languages
    • Professionally-focused beginner courses (CEFR A1-A2) in 20+ major world languages
    • Beginner courses (CEF A1-A2) for travel + daily life in 80+ languages
    • Intermediate and Advanced courses (CEFR B1-B2) in 10+ major languages (and growing!)
  • Learned vocab review system
  • Goal setting + progress tracking
  • Admin portal with custom reporting for program managers
Transparent Connect Tutoring
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Recommended for workforce-wide language training with tutor support

Includes workforce-wide access to Transparent Language online and:
  • Shared access to a pool of tutoring hours (allocated as needed)
  • Use in 30- or 60-minute increments
  • One-on-one tutoring scheduled at each learners’ convenience
  • Monthly usage reports
Transparent Connect Capstone
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Recommended for individuals who need to improve rapidly for a specific purpose (such as test prep, relocation, presentation, or other need)

Includes individual access to Transparent Language Online and:
  • Skills assessment + planning session with your tutor
  • 36 total learning hours
    • 24 self-guided assignments, including up to 12 custom lessons created just for you by your tutor (1hr each)
    • 12 60-minute tutoring sessions (formal schedule created with tutor)
  • Intensive Course Plan tailored to your goals and your schedule
  • Learn in Virtual Reality (optional)
  • Weekly progress reports from instructor

What our students say

“I really liked the doing the reading lessons before class. I had the freedom to choose the activities that suited my interests and then I got to expand on those with my tutor. Analyzing lesson texts on everything from artificial intelligence to business ethics prepared me to read and speak comfortably about a wide range of topics. In 12 sessions I improved my reading from CEFR C1 to C2.

“Phenomenal instruction! The online lessons were used as the foundation for the tutoring session. I learned so much about the historical and cultural context behind the topics and my tutor wove in modern applications. After 12 sessions I improved my speaking score from Advanced Mid to Advanced High. I haven’t been able to get beyond the Advanced Mid barrier in the past, so this was great!”


What languages do you offer tutoring for?

Availability varies, but tutors are typically available for:

  1. Arabic
  2. Chinese (Mandarin)
  3. English
  4. Farsi
  5. French
  6. German
  7. Italian
  8. Japanese
  9. Korean
  10. Portuguese (Brazilian)
  11. Russian
  12. Spanish

Don't see your language? Message us to request it!

What is Transparent Language Online?

So glad you asked! You can learn all about the platform here. Transparent Language Online can be used independently for self-guided learning, or as a part of our tutoring packages. Tutors assign their students lessons in Transparent Language Online to complete before each session. These lessons can be completed on nearly any device (computer, tablet, phone).

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