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Transparent Language Online for Professional Organizations

Everything your employees need to communicate confidently in your customer's language.


Speak your customers' language…

  • Learning materials in 110+ languages:
    From global business languages like Spanish and Mandarin to less common languages like Khmer and Bulgarian. 
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  • Extensive English collection:
    Beginner English courses for speakers of 30+ different languages, and full immersion English courses for intermediate and advanced learners.
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…and speak it with confidence.

  • Skill-building activities:
    More than two dozen learning activities build speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.
  • Pronunciation practice:
    Activities can be completed by saying the answers, so employees can practice speaking out loud.

Make the most of training time…

  • Flexible learning path:
    Employees can follow our structured courses or complete the lessons and practice the skills they need to do their job well.
  • Learned Vocab refresh:
    Employees are regularly prompted to review what they've learned, so they'll have it on the top if their tongue when engaging with customers.

…anytime, anywhere

  • Mobile learning:
    Employees can build their skills at home, on the job, or on the go using almost any internet connected computer, tablet, or phone.
  • Virtual tutoring:
    Transparent Connect™ tutors are available to meet with employees in a virtual classroom to build on material learned in Transparent Language Online and address specific proficiency goals.

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