Your language classes, at school and at home.

Transparent Language Online for Education empowers students and teachers to engage with language in class, at home, and everywhere in between.

Students come first.

  • Available in 110+ languages (including English): Choose from alphabet courses, vocabulary lessons, conversation courses, a grammar reference, and more—the platform comes fully stocked. (Offerings vary by language.)
  • Differentiated learning: Assign your students lessons, then let the tech differentiate their learning experience based on how well they know the material.
  • Focus on any skill: Listening, speaking, reading, and writing are all part of the language puzzle. Students can launch custom skills-focused lessons to meet their interests and learning style.
  • Review strategically: Spaced-repetition algorithms will make sure students review vocabulary that they're at risk of forgetting so they'll have the right words for class (and for real world use!)
  • Learn on the go: In class, at home, and everywhere in between, students can access lessons on almost any device, including full-feature mobile apps for iOS and Android™ devices with options for offline use.
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Take charge of your learning and practice the skills you need most.
Complete lessons in order or jump around as you see fit! You're in the driver's seat.

Teachers get great features too!

Custom reports let you see how your students are doing—even if you can't see them!
Create and assign custom lessons to cover vocabulary, grammar, culture, or any other topic that fits your curriclum!
  • Manage virtual classes: Organize your students, make assignments, and send messages so your whole class stays in the loop.
  • Author custom lessons: Want to assign digital lessons unique to your class or curriculum? You can create your own lessons using the very same tool we use to make ours!
  • Report on student progress: Real-time reports help you monitor students' learning time, assignment status, assessment scores, and more. Know who is coming to class prepared and who may need extra help.

Focus on students, not on set-up.

  • Staff training and support: From webinars to technical support questions to feature requests, we're here to help! Just give us a call, live chat, or send us an email.
  • Unlimited access: We don't limit the number of concurrent users, and every student can access the program as much as they want during the entire subscription period.
  • Usage tracking: Make sure you're getting the most of your subscription with real-time, usage reports that help you measure ROI through an administrative portal.
We're here to help with setup, tech support, training webinars, and more!
Instructors can see how students are doing—and you can see how instructors are doing!

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