CL-150 Cohorts

Learners want materials that are hours old, not years. Keep your personnel engaged with their language—and the target culture—with CL-150 Cohorts.

*CL-150 Cohorts are only available to active CL-150 users. Contact us to discuss access.

Receive a new lesson every week, in your language, at your level.

  • Current, relevant lessons: CL-150 Cohort lessons are published every week based on authentic sources covering domains of interest to USG personnel, such as politics, technology, and security. See a sample lesson.
  • Independent or structured: Dispersed personnel can complete Cohort lessons anytime, anywhere on almost any computer or mobile device. Supplement Cohort lessons with virtual instruction to support structured sustainment and enhancement.
  • Targeted proficiency maintenance: ILR-aligned lessons fight proficiency drop-off through consistent, level-appropriate engagement.
  • Continuous reporting: Program managers and administrators can track and download reports on lesson completion, time on task, and other training metrics.
“We haven’t had a DLPT failure in 170 days, which is a testament that the CL-150 Cohorts and Reporting works.” “One of our sub-pro Arabic linguists enrolled in your MSA Cohorts and went from a 1+ on reading to a 3 within 3 months.” “The CL-150 and the Cohorts are an integral part of our Program.”

CL-150 Cohort Features

  • Languages and levels: Cohorts are currently available in more than three dozen ILR level and language combinations, ranging from ILR 1+ to 3. For current availability or requests for new Cohorts, contact us.
  • Skill-building activities: Lessons are supported by up to two dozen learning activities that build listening, speaking, reading, and writing proficiency.
  • Mission-relevant domains: Cohort lessons are based on recent, authentic sources focused on domains including culture, economy, environment, geography, military, politics, science, security, society, and technology.
  • Major international news event (MINE) lessons: As news events warrant, occasional MINE lessons are also regularly distributed to Cohort members.

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CL-150 Cohort Plus Tutoring

Blend Cohort lessons with live instruction to enhance your skills on the job. Cohort Plus Tutoring includes weekly one-on-one tutoring sessions aligned with that week's Cohort lesson.

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