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Besides offering the best, most integrated language-learning solutions, Transparent Language also offers a wealth of free resources for you to use to enhance your language classroom. From eBooks and white papers, to live and on-demand webinars, there is something for every teacher and instructor.

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Helpful tips and tricks for your language classroom

Teach Language Asynchronously

We live in a digital world that allows our students to access information 24/7. Why not use that to your advantage by teaching your students asynchronously? Asynchronous learning is a student-centered teaching approach that employs a wide variety of web, mobile, and cloud-based tools outside of regular school hours, thus removing the constraints of time and place. The tools at your disposal are many: social media, mobile applications, collaborative communication, learning objects, blogs, and beyond. In this eBook, we'll share our best practices and favorite tools for teaching asynchronously.

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Create a Communicative Classroom

Comprehension and communication are two major goals for language learners, so it's no surprise that many language teachers prefer teaching through communicative activities. But it takes time and creativity to create a successful communicative classroom. This method requires spontaneity and a variety of engaging activities and exercises. In this eBook, we'll walk you through some of our favorite communicative activities for reading, writing, listening, and speaking, tested and perfected by a 20-year language teaching veteran!

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Information on using Transparent Language Online in your classroom

Transparent Language Online Instructor Guide

This guide is designed to assist educators with the task of teaching a language using Transparent Language Online. Written to assist educators in understanding Transparent Language Online, this guide outlines what educators can do with the program and how the system is best used. Other information about Transparent Language Online, including various system components, such as types of activities and authoring, managing, and assigning lessons can also be found in this helpful guide.

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Research to help you improve your language classroom

The Right Way to Flip Your Language Learning Classroom

Studies have shown that when it comes to learning foreign languages, combining technology and human instruction is more powerful than either computer learning or human instruction alone. This approach is at the core of Declaratively Accelerated Blended Learning (DABL).

In this follow-up to our DABL overview white paper, we will show you how to apply the DABL flipped classroom method to language instruction. Three detailed sample lesson plans are included to help get you started. We also include details on how to execute DABL in our own Transparent Language Online programs, but the core principles are easily applied to whatever curriculum you choose.

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Declaratively Accelerated Blended Learning

Studies have shown that when it comes to learning foreign languages, combining technology and human instruction is more powerful than either computer learning or human instruction alone. This approach is at the core of Declaratively Accelerated Blended Learning (DABL). In this white paper, we explain how educators can best combine technology and classroom time for the strongest possible learning outcome, including a case study where DABL has been successfully applied with significant positive results.

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5 Game-Changing Trends in Educational Technology

Shrinking budgets in school districts and universities are conflicting with increasing expectations for learning outcomes, prompting many schools and teachers to turn to technology to achieve better results. K-12 and higher education institutions have started implementing technology in their schools and curricula. An entire "ed tech" industry has burgeoned to support them, producing online courses, mobile apps, and more. In this white paper, we examine 5 trends in educational technology and how it's changing traditional methods of both teaching and learning.

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The Five Ingredients of a Successful Language-Learning Curriculum

Just as a successful recipe uses a balanced blend of ingredients to make a delicious dish, a successful language-learning curriculum must include the right combination of components to produce a competent speaker. This white paper discusses how the combination of the four basic language skills and cultural competency comprise a well-rounded language curriculum.

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Four Ways to Learn Foreign Grammar Through Technology

Good grammar is a vital skill for advanced language proficiency: Knowing how words work and how they fit together is critical for putting foreign words to proper use. The need to learn grammar is always going to be part of language learning, and should not be neglected. Even when using an approach that emphasizes the acquisition of vocabulary, ways can and should be found to incorporate grammar information as well. The right strategies and technologies can overcome any objections about possible boredom or difficulty by making grammar learning appealing, efficient, and effective.

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