Use language technology in support of class time, not instead of class time.

The CL-150 Platform is specifically designed to optimize blended language instruction.

Tightly-Aligned Pre-Class Learning

Learners master key vocabulary before class using the CL-150.

Higher-Value Class Time

Class time applies that key vocabulary in intensely skills-focused activities with the instructor and peers.

Underpinned by DABL Methodology

We call this flipped classroom approach Declaratively Accelerated Blended Learning (DABL). Learners build declarative knowledge before class using the CL-150 Platform, and instructors can track completion. Class time is then freed up for in contextual, communicative activities.

CL-150 Platform Instructor Support

The CL-150 Platform delivers pre-class work that is tightly aligned, easily assigned, and highly visible.

  • Support your curriculum:

    Built-in curriculum support: The CL-150 already includes dozens of USG-created courses and can support any curriculum in 130+ languages.

    Lesson authoring: Author your own custom lessons in as little as two hours. The Lesson Authoring tool supports text, audio, multimedia, and 25+ learning activities that practice listening, speaking, reading, and typing.

  • Manage your classes:

    Assignments and communication: Make assignments, send reminders, and track completion. Set your students up for success—and know ahead of time if someone comes to class unprepared.

    Remote instruction: For classes that can't meet in person, the CL-150 supports virtual instruction.

  • Monitor your results:

    Proficiency tests: Measure learner proficiency and progress with multi-stage assessments. Available in 23 languages.

    Tracking and reporting: Track learning time, lesson completion, assessment scores, and more to identify learners in need of support. Create, download, and share reports on all learner activity.

Seamless Transition to On-the-Job Sustainment and Enhancement

Prepare your students to maintain their language skills career-long. The CL-150 Platform transitions learners seamlessly into sustainment immediately upon leaving school.

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