Transparent Connect™

Achieve your language goals through a unique blend of technology and human instruction that lets each component do what it does best, so you get the best results.

Blended learning, better outcomes

Transparent Connect programs are "flipped" and "blended". What does that mean? It is a unique combination of technology and human instruction that "flips" the classroom, so you complete the tech work prior to each class. We call it Declaratively Accelerated Blended Learning (DABL).

  • Blended learning: Alternate between computer-delivered lessons and live skills development with your tutor or instructor. Your live session will focus on communicating in the target language to build skills and practice the latest topic you've learned (in the previously assigned lessons).
  • Flexible access: Complete independent learning on any computer, tablet, or phone, and meet with your instructor or tutor in a virtual classroom or even a Virtual Reality environment—with no time or place restrictions.
  • Continuous support: Instructors and tutors can track and report on your lesson completion, time spent learning, assessment scores, and more to quickly identify where you need support.
Tightly-Aligned Pre-Session Learning

Master key vocabulary before sessions using Transparent Language Online.

Higher-Value Session Time

Session time applies that key vocabulary in intensely skills-focused activities with your instructor or tutor.

Transparent Connect™ Capstone

Transparent Connect Capstone combines expert, live instruction with highly-tailored, tech-delivered lessons to meet the needs of working professionals to quickly and reliably acquire a combination of general language proficiency and language for their special purposes.

Virtual Reality
Learn in virtual reality*

*available in both Capstone and Tutoring

12-week course for $1,899

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View Transparent Connect Capstone Course policies here.

Transparent Connect™ Tutoring

  • Flexible, convenient scheduling: Use each 30-minute session at a time that is convenient for you — morning, afternoon, or evening. Simply select the day and time through our online scheduling tool!
  • Complimentary skills assessment: Get to know your tutor during a free, 15-minute meet-and-greet where you can discuss your goals and plan your upcoming sessions.
  • Personalized sessions: Tutoring is tailored to your goals to ensure you're learning exactly what you want, including grammar exercises, vocabulary building, pronunciation practice, conversation exercises, cultural familiarization, and more.
  • Tightly aligned independent study: Using Transparent Language Online, your tutor will assign you lessons and courses to focus on before sessions to better prepare you to meet your desired outcomes.
  • Language options: Available languages include Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Farsi, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Vietnamese. Additional languages available upon request. Request a language.
for $79
Each session includes:

• 90 minutes of assignment time in Transparent Language Online

• 30 minutes of live tutoring time

*Also includes one month access to Transparent Language Online

for $299
Each session includes:

• 90 minutes of assignment time in Transparent Language Online

• 30 minutes of live tutoring time

*Also includes three month access to Transparent Language Online

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