Transparent Language mobile apps

Transparent Language mobile apps

These powerful apps synchronize your learning activity with your Transparent Language Online account, meaning you can learn on your computer, phone, or tablet – the choice is yours! Best of all, with 100+ languages for English speakers and English for speakers of 25+ different languages, there is something for every learner.

Available on iOS and Android™

Take your learning on-the-go

  • Alphabet lessons: You can't learn to read or write if you don't know the alphabet. Get started on the right foot with our Alphabet course.
  • Supplemental vocabulary: Build proficiency by learning thousands of useful words and phrases categorized by topic and presented in an engaging, memory-building format complete with native speaker pronunciation.
  • Core skill-building activities: Work your way through activities that build all four core skills; listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
  • Smart insight and review: Your "Learned" chart tells you how much you've learned and when it's time to review.
  • Proper pronunciation: Hear every nuance of the language and master proper pronunciation with SlowSound™.
  • Synchronized learning: Track your learning progress by automatically storing what you have learned and syncing your progress, allowing you to see your learned words and phrases on any platform.
  • Refresh: Review items that have become "stale" and turn them "fresh" again with refresh mode.

Downloading the Transparent Language mobile app

Before you can use Transparent Language mobile app, you need to activate the app with a special code. Simply follow the instructions below to complete the installation of the app on your iOS or Android device:

Only 4 simple steps to install.

  • Step 1: Navigate to "Go Mobile" Log in to your Transparent Language Online account. Once you're logged in, click on the "Go Mobile" button in the top right part of the screen.
  • Step 2: Find your mobile password Review the instructions on how to download Transparent Language's mobile application on your smartphone or tablet. This will give you a code to plug into the mobile application.

*Internet access is required to use these applications; your data rates may apply. If you have a Transparent Language Online subscription, you may be able to use your access to activate the Transparent Language mobile app. If you don't have a Transparent Language Online subscription, click here for more information. Alternatively, for $7.99 per language, you can purchase Byki Mobile for iOS and Android™ devices. Click here for more information.

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