The CL-150 Platform

Provide comprehensive support for your language program, from acquisition to sustainment and enhancement—all with the same platform.

Learner Support

  • 130+ languages: Full support for 130 languages—and counting—including native-script support and speech analysis support.
  • 25+ learning activities: Interactive learning activities for all four modalities: listening, speaking, reading, and typing.
  • Learned vocab: A continuous collection of all words and phrases learned in the CL-150—and those added from other resources—that learners regularly refresh.
  • Speech analysis: EveryVoice™ technology speech-enables classic learning activities like multiple choice, encouraging learners to speak more and improve pronunciation.
  • Cohort lessons: Weekly two-hour language workouts at a designated ILR level. Lessons are based on current, authentic materials relevant to learners' professional goals. See a sample lesson.
  • Assessments: Multi-stage assessments designed to evaluate language proficiency. Available in 23 languages.
  • Audio-only content: Audio lists are available as MP3 files so you can listen and learn hands-free when you're on the go.
  • Mobile learning: Learn in the web browser on any internet-connected device—computer, tablet, or phone.
  • Live instruction: Add on live instruction or tutoring with one of our instructors.

CL-150 lessons are supported by more than 25 learning activities that build all four modalities: listening, speaking, reading, and typing.

The CL-150 Learned Vocab refresh system stores all words and phrases a user learns in the platform and reminds them when it's time to refresh.

Weekly Cohort lessons are based on authentic sources that cover current events in politics, science, and other professional domains.

The CL-150 includes content-agnostic alphabet reference tools that allow learners to explore letter shapes, sounds, and combinations while learning other material.

Instructor Capabilities

  • Curriculum support: The CL-150 Platform supports any curriculum—instructor-led or self-guided—in 130+ languages.
  • Lesson authoring: Author custom lessons in a few hours or less, including support for text, audio, multimedia, and 25+ learning activities.
  • Class management: Instructors can add learners to classes, make assignments, and send class messages—no other tools necessary.
  • Tracking: Track learning time, lesson completion, assessment scores and more to monitor participation and identify learners in need of support.
  • Instructor orientation: The CL-150 Orientation Course provides a basic overview of instructor features and best practices.

Instructors can create custom lessons in as little as 1-2 hours with Lesson Authoring, which supports 90+ languages and 25+ learning activities.

Instructors can make assignments and message their classes within the CL-150.

Instructors can run and download reports on class activity, including assignment completion and assessment scores.

The CL-150 includes a Certification Course that teachers new instructors how to use the platform. Hands-on tutorials cover tasks including authoring lessons, making assignments, and running reports.

Management Tools

  • Tracking: Track learning time, lesson completion, assessment scores, and more to quickly monitor activity and enforce language policy requirements.
  • Reporting groups: Better manage reporting requirements by creating custom reporting groups tailored to different audiences or requirements.
  • Report integration: Download CL-150 reports to integrate them into your own reporting database or presentations.
  • Self-reporting: Require learners to log all learning activity in one central location with self-reporting in the CL-150.

Learners can self-report time spent learning outside the CL-150 so all learning time is tracked in one central location.

Program Managers and other admins can quickly run reports on a variety of data, including learning time, lesson completion, and Learned Vocab freshness.

Let's talk about supporting your language program with the CL-150.

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Let's talk about supporting your language program with the CL-150 Platform.

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