Transparent Language
vs. Rosetta Stone

Containing more than double the number of languages, customized and extended learning material, broader mobile applications, and an instructional methodology designed to maximize the value of time spent learning, Transparent Language Online provides a better experience for both initial language learning and life-long improvement.

Learning Methodology

Learn it fast. Know it forever.

Rosetta Stone has often likened their learning process to the way we learned our first language. To that end, their immersive approach to presenting learning material utilizes activities such as picture association. However, this approach presents problems. Noticing and testing observed patterns is time-consuming, and can easily lead to unresolved ambiguity and frustration.

Transparent Language Online is designed to help learners build a large vocabulary of words and phrases that are easily recalled and retained in long-term memory, but in much less time and with more certainty and reliability. Transparent Language's "Declarative First" method uses a "paired language" approach that presents the target language alongside the learner's native language, reducing ambiguity and increasing the amount of material learned per hour of time spent. Children learning a first language don't have this option, but fortunately adults learning a second language do.

With paired language and the Declarative First method, users will learn faster, with less ambiguity, longer retention, and less potential for frustration.

Learning Material

One size doesn't fit all.

Rosetta Stone's learning course contains five different sets of content, referred to as product "levels" (not to be confused with proficiency levels) that generally provide learners with fixed beginner-level learning material that is the same for everyone. Transparent Language Online includes the Essentials Course and supplemental vocabulary which contain similarly-leveled fundamental language material. In total, both Rosetta Stone and Transparent Language Online offer over 2,400 unique words and phrases in most languages.

While both programs contain a similar number of learning items, Transparent Language differentiates itself in its flexibility by allowing authorized instructors and administrators to create custom, domain, or industry-specific terminology that can be integrated into all learning modes of the system. Whether an organization hopes to help its employees learn foreign languages or improve their English skills, Transparent Language can meet the unique requirements with both general and customizable, industry-specific language learning.

Mobile Learning

More flexibility. More freedom.

In addition to their respective online learning apps, both Rosetta Stone and Transparent Language provide learners with mobile and tablet language-learning solutions. As can be inferred by the name (TOTALe® Companion), Rosetta Stone treats their mobile app as a learning companion, allowing learners to practice what they've previously covered using their computer or tablet. In addition, Rosetta's mobile app contains speech recognition functionality that works well, but has two major limitations:

  1. The speech recognition is the only means of interacting with the application. Learners may not feel comfortable using this feature on the bus, train, or where others may hear.
  2. The TOTALe Companion does not maintain user history or completion status.

In contrast, the Transparent Language mobile app provides a broader learning experience that can be used independently or in conjunction with Transparent Language Online. In addition, it provides true progress tracking, and allows muted use. Because of this, Transparent Language's mobile and tablet learning experience is both more in-depth and useful in terms of the actual learning of new content, delivering a richer mobile experience.

Languages Offered

More than double the available languages

Rosetta Stone provides learning for 33 languages. However, when compared to the 100+ foreign languages for English speakers and the 27+ ESL courses offered in Transparent Language Online, it's clear that Transparent Language enables schools to provide learners with significantly more options.

Want to learn more? See how Transparent Language Online helps bring language learning to libraries, educational institutions, and corporate organizations.

This page presents opinions of the author, Transparent Language, Inc. We have tried to be accurate, but we may get something wrong, and in any case products change over time. We recommend that interested persons do their own assessment. Particularly because the foreign language market seems to generate more than its fair share of hype and overstatement, we hope that readers will verify our assertions on their own and take the time to look and compare for themselves.

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