Four Reasons to Choose

Transparent Language Onlineover Mango Languages

Containing more languages, a wider variety of learning activities, and coverage of all four language skills, Transparent Language Online provides learners with a far more in-depth learning experience.

Alphabet Learning

Alphabet courses available. Learn letter sounds.

For most English speakers, learning to read or write in languages that use an unfamiliar alphabet or writing system such as Arabic, Russian, and Thai can be challenging. To help learners over this hurdle, Transparent Language Online provides full alphabet courses that teach the letters of the alphabet and their corresponding sounds through a variety of activities in over 38 different languages. This fundamental knowledge helps learners transition to learning more advanced concepts, including vocabulary and grammar. Mango Languages does not offer any alphabet courses or instruction in the names, sounds, shapes, or keyboard locations of the letters of the language.

Transparent Language Online

Want to learn the alphabet of a language like Arabic that doesn't use the Latin alphabet?
You can with Transparent Language Online! We offer alphabet courses in over 38 different languages.

Mango Languages

Want to learn the alphabet of a language like Arabic than doesn't use the Latin alphabet?
Sorry, Mango Languages doesn't offer alphabet courses.

More Available Languages

Larger variety of languages, including English.

Mango Languages offers learners 73* languages and English for speakers of 21* languages. However, when compared to the 110+ foreign languages for English speakers and the 30+ ESL courses offered in Transparent Language Online, it's clear that Transparent Language enables libraries to provide learners with significantly more options.

In addition to supporting over 110 languages, Transparent Language Online also provides a vast amount of learning material and activities in each language. Almost every language in Transparent Language Online contains over 2,300 unique words and phrases, organized into courses and lessons and presented with native speaker audio pronunciation. The breadth of learning material and variety of activities provides language learners with a well-rounded experience.

Transparent Language Online
  • 110+ foreign languages
  • 30+ ESL courses
Mango Languages
  • 73 foreign languages
  • 21 ESL courses
* As of December 2020

Covers All Four Language Skills

Listen. Speak. Read. Write.

Would you ever buy a math tutoring system that completely left out lessons on division? Of course not. Similar to mathematics, language also revolves around four fundamental skills – reading, listening, speaking, and writing – all of which need to be sufficiently covered in order to master a new language. However, Mango is lacking in practice of writing skills. Transparent Language Online, on the other hand, supports all four language skills.

Listen Listen
Speak Speak
Read Read
Write Write

Learning to write and type in a foreign language can be very helpful in building communication skills, especially in today's world of text messaging and email. Being able to "write it down" helps eliminate issues with accents and rough pronunciation and - just as with written communication between English speakers - reduces ambiguity. The typing activities included in Transparent Language Online engage the brain in new and different ways that reinforce the memorization of the items learned, further embedding them in the learner's short-term and long-term memory.

Transparent Language Online has two different typing activities – one created with beginners in mind, and the other for more intermediate-level learners. For beginners, Transparent Language Online has an EasyType™ mode that presents learners with 3-5 characters or letters to choose from for each part of a word or phrase. Once learners are more comfortable with the foreign alphabet, they can use the fully mapped native keyboard laid out exactly as it should be for the language they are learning. These two typing modes not only help learners progress at varying proficiency levels they also create a familiarity and capability with the foreign keyboard. In this way, Transparent Language Online is simply the more complete learning experience.

Provides Lifelong Retention

Learn it now. Know it forever.

In order to truly master a language, a learner must do three things: Acquire the language through study of vocabulary and grammar, Enhance his or her knowledge of the language by exploring its idiosyncrasies and culture, and Sustain what has been learned over time to ensure that it's not forgotten. Mango, while providing initial Acquisition and some Enhancement, offers only limited Sustainment. But the fact is, the more a learner practices a language, the more he is going to learn, and what good is spending the effort to learn an item if it's eventually going to be forgotten? Transparent Language Online's learned words and phrases refresh system is designed to keep that from happening.

The learned words and phrases algorithm keeps track of when a learned, or "Fresh", word or phrase becomes "Stale" or is at risk of being forgotten. The best thing about it? Learners don't need to track anything. The program handles all of their Fresh and Stale words and phrases for them, allowing them to focus on what's really important – mastering more of their new language. In this way, Transparent Language Online is designed to not only be a language acquisition and enhancement tool, but a system for lifelong sustainment, as well.

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This page necessarily includes subjective opinions of the author, Transparent Language, Inc. The foreign language market seems to generate more than its fair share of hype and overstatement, so we encourage readers to verify our assertions, and take the time to look and compare for themselves.

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