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Take your language learning on-the-go!

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Our best-selling language-learning software – now available straight from your mobile device! Learn a language fast on your iOS or Android™ device.

Byki Mobile is a powerful and personalized language-learning system, designed to advance your new language proficiency by expanding your vocabulary reservoir. With its fun, addicting, and lightning-fast 3-step process, Byki Mobile makes it easy to learn a new language. The engaging flash card interface helps lock foreign language words and phrases into your memory, allowing you to recall them with better accuracy.

You can try Byki Mobile for free by simply downloading it from the store. Each language has three vocabulary lists available for learning at no cost. If you'd like to access the full content for a language, which includes over 1,000 critical words and phrases organized into over 70 vocabulary lists, you can make an In-App Purchase for that language ($7.99).

(Note: iPad users will need to switch the App Store's dropdown menu from "iPad Only" to "iPhone Only" to find the app. An Internet connection is required for downloading.)

With Byki Mobile now available in over 80 languages, there is a language-learning option for everyone!

  • Learn over 1,000 critical words and phrases organized into over 70 lists for each language.
  • Read and see your chosen language in its native form.
  • Hear every nuance of the language and master proper pronunciation with Byki's SlowSound™ technology.
  • Test your knowledge of what you have learned with multiple choice quizzes.
  • Track your learning progress with the Learned Items system.
  • Review items that have become "stale" and turn them "fresh" again with refresh mode.
  • Search for words and phrases on Twitter to see how others use the language.
  • Use Byki as a phrasebook to search words and phrases in both English and in a foreign language.

What customers are saying about Byki Mobile...

We love Byki Apps!”
- Fox News

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I am deploying with a medical team to Haiti for relief efforts. This is an invaluable resource that will facilitate communications with the citizens of Haiti. Thank you for making this application possible.”

I have tried many Spanish apps and I got to give it to byki hands down. I LOVE THIS APP. I've had no problem with the new OS, and am absolutely thrilled that I can link my word lists on to my iphone. This is a GREAT idea! You'll find many more features, out of the box features, that I've found very helpful in learning Spanish. Twitter search actually lets you see phrases you learn used by native speakers. I'm using it for travel and my roommate has actually used it to help him in class quite effectively. It's a powerful tool once you make the decision to learn!”