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Language Learning for Navy Personnel & Their Families

Available to all Navy Library Customers

Available to all Navy Library customers

Transparent Language Online is designed for personal improvement. Sponsored for all Navy library customers by the Navy Library program, Transparent Language Online is available to all library customers, including spouses, families, and the base community. The program offers a similar broad array of languages as the CL-150, but only general language content.

Transparent Language Online for personal purposes

Learning a language for personal purposes?

Transparent Language Online may be the option for you.

Although uniformed personnel also have access to the broader and deeper CL-150, those looking only to learn the basics of a language for personal reasons may prefer the simpler and more streamlined environment of Transparent Language Online. The learning functionality of both systems is similar, which promotes language learning by multiple family members and makes it easy for a parent using the CL-150 professionally to help a child who is using Transparent Language Online.

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Visit your service library portal or a local base library for more information.

Note: Army, Air Force, and Marine Library customers no longer have access to Transparent Language Online.