Latin Product Quizzes: Latin for Beginners

These questions are based on material from the Latin Title "Latin for Beginners".

Multiple Choice

Instructions: Select the best answer for each of the questions below. Use only one answer.

Example: Quid opus Ovidi non est?

1. Quae proles primum serit semina?

2. Quis aquas nubibus adfert?

3. Quem amat Phoebus?

4. Iuppiter mutat Io in ?

5. Quid rogat Phaƫthon?

6. Qui dilacerant Actaeona?

7. Quid inveniunt pro corpore Narcissi?

8. Arachne vult certare cum ?

9. Pallas mutat Arachnen in ?

10. Cur Icarus patrem deserit?

Practice Makes Perfect
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