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Language Quizzes

Test your skills with self-tests drawn from award-winning language-learning software from Transparent Language.

Quizzes are available based on the following language products:

Learn Language Now!

Learn Language Now!

These online quizzes are designed to be used with our Learn Language Now! products. Depending on the language chosen, several different types of quizzes are available including grammar exercises, match the translation, and multiple choice tests. Typically, quizzes are based on the content of the Learn Language Now! Titles, including the "Most Common Words" and "Survival Phrases" Titles.

Languages of the World

These online quizzes are designed to be used with our Languages of the World products. The quizzes include multiple-choice questions to test comprehension, word translation, and sentence translation.

Say It In

These quizzes are related to the language lessons in the Transparent Language Say It In software program.

We also offer more general Language Proficiency Tests to test your language skills.