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Contact: Chuck McGonagle

Leading Language-Learning Company Adds Balinese Language to its "Daily Habit" Learning Resource

Transparent Language now supports Balinese for English speakers and Balinese for Indonesian speakers in its Word of the Day service

Nashua, N.H., January 28, 2015
 - Transparent Language, Inc., a leading provider of language-learning solutions for the government, military, education, library, corporate, and consumer markets, announced today the addition of Balinese for English speakers and Balinese for Indonesian speakers to its popular Word of the Day service. With the addition of these two language pairs, Transparent Language's Word of the Day is now available for free in 28 unique languages.

In 2013, Transparent Language launched the 7000 Languages Project, an initiative created to support the world's less common, less commercial languages. One such language is Balinese, spoken on the island of Bali in Indonesia. On February 11, 2013, Transparent Language teamed up with BASAbali in support of the first multimedia instructional materials for Balinese. The partnership continues with new efforts to preserve and promote Balinese in 2015 and beyond, including the Balinese Word of the Day services.

"We are grateful to Transparent Language for bringing modern technology to help strengthen our language. This resource will help people build a foundation of words, learned in the context of sample sentences which will grow into dialogues," explained Ayu Mandala, Bali Director at BASAbali. "It all starts with learning one word, every day."

Transparent Language's Word of the Day, which is available free to all language learners, is designed to make language part of learners' daily routines by presenting and teaching proper usage and pronunciation of a new word each day. Transparent Language adds a unique twist by providing Twitter search functionality to find discussions in which the day's word is being used, allowing learners to see exactly how the word is employed in everyday life.

"In addition to providing language instruction, Word of the Day is a daily reminder of how important it is to attend to minority languages, to keep them strong and relevant, and value what they have to teach us," noted Alissa Stern, U.S. Director at BASAbali.

Language learners may subscribe through email, RSS feed, Twitter, or Facebook. For a full list of the languages offered, visit www.transparent.com/word-of-the-day/.

About Transparent Language, Inc.

At Transparent Language, we leverage our expertise in technology and in the research and practice of language learning and teaching to build unique capabilities for use by US Government agencies and organizations, as well as hundreds of public libraries, thousands of schools, and millions of individuals. We care about all languages, regardless of commercial value. We believe that language technology needs to work for all courses and curricula, not just a few courses. It needs to benefit not only individuals, but entire programs. We believe that great language technology not only changes the user experience; it transforms the economics, logistics, and reliability of language learning.

About BASAbali

BASA: Balinese Language Preservation Corp is a 501(c)(3) organization. Its mission is to inspire others to support and strengthen the Balinese language, as a critical piece of the Balinese culture and as a linguist jewel which benefits the entire world. Working with experts and lay people from within and outside of Bali, BASAbali has helped develop multimedia instructional materials on Transparent Language's platform, created a free online Balinese-English-Indonesian wiki dictionary, translated Google's homepage into Balinese, and created a monthly poetry contest to encourage active community participation in strengthening Balinese. BASAbali donates all of its instructional materials to nonprofit organizations free of charge.