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Four Ways to Learn Foreign Grammar through Technology


Four Ways Technology Can Enhance Grammar Instruction

Good grammar is a vital skill for advanced language proficiency: Knowing how words work and how they fit together is critical for putting foreign words to proper use. The need to learn grammar is always going to be part of language learning, and should not be neglected. Even when using an approach that emphasizes the acquisition of vocabulary, ways can and should be found to incorporate grammar information as well. The right strategies and technologies can overcome any objections about possible boredom or difficulty by making grammar learning appealing, efficient, and effective.

In this white paper, we examine four ways that grammar learning can take place, and how technology-enhanced methods can make the process easier, including:

  • Intuitive Learning - Learning Grammar from Vocabulary
  • Explicit Instruction - Learning Grammar from Educational References
  • Active Skills Practice - Learning Grammar from Games and Activities
  • Blended Learning - Learning Grammar through Educational Interaction

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