Our Methodology

Language Learning Pedagogy Based On Research

Transparent Language emphasizes a "declarative first" approach to language learning. Neuroscientists have found that two brain systems - the declarative memory and the procedural memory - enable us to learn, retain, and produce language.

  • The declarative memory system learns and remembers vocabulary words, phrases, and even short sentences.
  • The procedural memory system learns the skills of applying grammar and producing language.

Linguists agree that the key to second language acquisition is first building a declarative foundation - a ready supply of words and phrases locked into the declarative memory. Procedural language skills are more easily built upon this foundation. We design our products to facilitate declarative learning as the foundation for language skill-building. More information about our learning methodologies and pedagogy are available in the white papers below.

White Papers

Transparent Language regularly consults with leading language acquisition experts, in linguistics and neuroscience, to keep abreast of the latest research so that our products continue to utilize the best pedagogical practices.