Transparent Connect™ for Education

Transparent Connect™ for Education

With Transparent Connect™, your school can offer online language courses led by professionally-trained instructors. Your students will learn asynchronously through online lessons and arrive in the virtual classroom prepared to put their language to use.

Transparent Connect™ Instructor-Led Courses

Leveraging the power of declarative acceleration, students will learn vocabulary, phrases, grammar concepts, and culture in Transparent Language Online in preparation for each virtual class session. During these virtual classes, a Transparent Language instructor will facilitate task-based, communicative activities that apply what the students learned before coming to class.

  • Course materials: PDFs of materials will be provided including a customized Scope & Sequence, student syllabus, and a companion e-workbook.
  • Initial school setup: A preliminary meeting with school administrators will be held to go over setup of student accounts and classes.
  • Virtual language classes: Students will attend classes in a virtual classroom with a Transparent Language instructor.
  • Student orientation: A virtual session with students will communicate course expectations and show how to use Transparent Language Online.
  • Communicative activities: During virtual classes, students engage in conversations and role playing activities to practice what they learned in Transparent Language Online.
  • Asynchronous lessons: Students will complete assignments in Transparent Language Online prior to attending virtual class sessions.
  • Bi-weekly reporting:School administrators will receive bi-weekly reports detailing time spent learning, total number of learned words and phrases, early warning for students not on pace, and assessment scores (as available).

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