Prepare your employees for worldwide assignments

Prepare your employees for worldwide assignments

Employees relocating abroad or working closely with foreign counterparts need to understand and be understood, from speaking up in contract negotiations, to listening to customer feedback, and even reading body language. With Transparent Connect™ tutoring, your employees work on language skills they can put to work for your organization.

Transparent Connect™

Transparent Connect™ blends technology and a virtual tutor to target your employees' language needs flexibly and reliably. All programs include:

  • Custom learning plan: A tutor consults with employees one-on-one to create a plan than ensures they will learn the vocabulary, grammar, and skills they need to do their jobs in the target language.
  • Live instruction: A tutor meets with your employees in a virtual classroom to provide guidance and build conversational confidence with a fluent speaker.
  • Transparent Language Online: Online learning platform that can be accessed on any internet connected device for assignments and extra independent study. Available in 110+ languages including English. Learn More

Find the right program for your employees' language goals, and their busy schedules.

Transparent Connect™ programs support any language need and schedule. Explore the options below or contact us to discuss custom tutoring programs.

Transparent Connect™ Capstone

Intended for employees who need a long-term, structured tutoring for a specific outcome, Capstone includes:

  • Structured schedule: 1-hour weekly tutoring sessions + 3-4 hours of weekly independent study pre-session
  • Professional proficiency targeting: A custom lesson plan that targets professional language goals including specialized knowledge needed for on-the-job language use
  • Custom progress reports: Detailed progress reports provided by the tutor, identifying improvements and weaknesses

Investing in your own language skills? Buy an individual Capstone course here.

Transparent Connect™ Tutoring

Intended for employees who need flexible tutoring for general language improvement, Tutoring includes:

  • Flexible schedule: 30-minute tutoring sessions scheduled as needed + 1 hour of independent study pre-session
  • General proficiency targeting: A custom lesson plan that targets general language goals including improved pronunciation or grammar
  • Automated progress reports: Self-generated progress reports that track learning in Transparent Language Online

Investing in your own language skills? Buy an individual Tutoring package here.

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