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Build a multilingual workforce

Build a multilingual workforce

Support staff are often the face of your organization, from guest services to technical support. Transparent Language Online gives your staff the opportunity to improve their general language skills, their confidence, and their customer service.


Transparent Language Online

Provide your staff with access to self-guided learning materials, so they can pick and choose the materials they want to learn and focus on the skills they need to build.

  • General proficiency in 110+ languages:
    An Essentials course provides 8-10 units of daily basics from greetings to asking questions—and 75+ supplemental vocabulary lessons fill in the gaps. See available languages.
  • Speaking practice:
    Users complete activities by saying the answers, so they can practice speaking out loud on their own.
  • Extensive English collection:
    Beginner English courses for speakers of 30+ different languages, and full immersion English courses for intermediate and advanced learners. Learn More
  • Skills-driven activities:
    A suite of two dozen learning activities build listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

Want to know more about Transparent Language Online?


Want to know more about Transparent Language Online?


Transparent Connect™ Tutoring

Level up from self-guided learning—connect your employees with a tutor to provide custom, communicative instruction.

  • Blended learning:
    Employees alternate between independent study in Transparent Language Online and live sessions with a tutor.
  • Custom learning plan:
    A tutor works one-on-one to ensure employees are learning what they need to do their job, from improving pronunciation to mastering job-specific terminology.
  • Flexible schedule:
    We know your employees are busy! They can complete independent study and schedule tutoring sessions at their own convenience.
  • Progress reports:
    Employees can track their own progress and provide management with activity reports available in Transparent Language Online.
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