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Transparent Language Case Studies

Nashville Public Library

The incorporation of all four languages skills into the learning activities, notably the speaking activities, set Transparent Language Online apart from other resources.

Nashville Public Library

Valdosta State University Case Study

There is a definite difference between my students before and after Transparent Language Online. They sound like regular, native speakers walking along the street.""

Dr. Michelle Ocasio, Associate Professor of Spanish at VSU Valdosta State University

East Kingston Elementary School Case Study

We have done a real life head-to-head comparison in our classrooms and found Transparent Language's program far more effective than Rosetta Stone's.""

Heather Reed, Technology Coordinator and Foreign Language Lead East Kingston Elementary School

San Diego State University Case Study

[The technology] and language courses alone will teach you vocabulary, but when coupled together are very powerful.""

Evan Rubin, Director of Instructional Technology at LARC San Diego State University

United States Military Academy at West Point Case Study

Not only has West Point's usage been inspiring, but also, their reactions to the program were overwhelmingly positive.

United States Military Academy at West Point

Jacksonville Public Library

The evaluation team liked different aspects of all four language-learning resources, but the wide variety of languages offered in Transparent Language Online edged the service past the competition.

Jacksonville Public Library