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Transparent Language Celebrates St. Patrick's Day by Offering Free Download of Popular Language-Learning Mobile App

iPhone™ and iPod™ touch users can download the Irish Byki™ Mobile language-learning app for free until March 18, 2012.

Nashua, N.H., March 16, 2012 - For a limited time, iPhone™ and iPod™ touch users can download Transparent Language's Irish Byki Mobile language-learning app fov free. Available through the iTunes store or this app is available for a free download on all iOS devices through Sunday, March 18, 2012.

"Many people show their Irish pride on St. Patrick's Day," said Michael Quinlan, CEO of Transparent Language. "Now they can really get into the spirit of the holiday by downloading the free Irish Byki Mobile app for iPhone and iPod touch."

Based on Transparent Language's best-selling Byki language-learning software, Byki Mobile is a powerful and personalized language-learning system that is designed to advance language proficiency by expanding the learner's vocabulary reservoir. In addition to being presented in an engaging flash card interface, the system also tracks everything learned, automatically presenting the appropriate material at just the right intervals - ensuring that the material covered is successfully locked into the learner's memory.

Byki Mobile is a free application that can be downloaded to iPhone®, iPod touch®, or iPad® devices from the iTunes® store and will soon be available for Android devices from Google's Android Market. After download, the Byki Mobile application is activated using a code that users obtain for free from their Byki Online account. Once activated, Byki Mobile can be used to learn over 2,000 words and phrases in over 30 languages.

Byki Mobile also includes innovative features such as:

  • Twitter™ Integration - This unique feature delivers a real-time Twitter search of words and phrases the user is learning so they can see real-world examples of how people use them in actual conversations.
  • SlowSound™ - This audio control slows down the pronunciation of the word or phrase. Combined with native speaker recordings, this feature lets Byki users hear every nuance of a language so they can reproduce and master its proper pronunciation.
  • Searchable Phrasebook - The search feature provides users with a quick reference in their native language so they can easily find the foreign language words and phrases they need.

With over 100,000 downloads, Byki Mobile apps are fun, easy-to-use language-learning tools that are a popular choice for language learners of all types. With the continued development of mobile and internet applications, learning a new language is becoming more convenient and effective than ever.ently comes in more than 70 languages.

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At Transparent Language, we leverage our expertise in technology and in the research and practice of language learning and teaching to build unique capabilities for use by US Government agencies and organizations, as well as hundreds of public libraries, thousands of schools, and millions of individuals. We care about all languages, regardless of commercial value. We believe that language technology needs to work for all courses and curricula, not just a few courses. It needs to benefit not only individuals, but entire programs. We believe that great language technology not only changes the user experience; it transforms the economics, logistics, and reliability of language learning.