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About Transparent Language

Transparent Language is a leading provider of best-practice language learning software for consumers, government agencies, educational institutions, and businesses. Since 1991, Transparent Language has helped millions of individuals learn new languages quickly, easily, and effectively. More than 12,000 schools and universities, as well as top government language schools, such as the Foreign Service Institute and the Defense Language Institute use our products.

Fair Value Philosophy.

At Transparent Language, we've always shared the same goals and priorities as you. We want to offer everyone an affordable way to learn a new language.

To offer our products at a fair value, we don't spend money on print or TV ads. Instead, we choose to invest our energy to continuously improve Transparent Language products through research and community feedback. We hope this results in a larger, dedicated community of language learners of all ages and occupations, which can reward both Transparent Language and our customers for the long-term.


Our products are research-based and experience-driven. Among our millions of customers, we are honored that some of the largest and most expert language schools in the world license our products for use by all students, faculty and staff. That is not only a hallmark of the quality of our deliverables; it lets us continually participate in and learn from expert experience.

One of our core missions is to serve those who need to gain language and culture proficiency in the least amount of time and with the greatest possible reliability. For them, we strive to provide the most compelling, powerful and effective products available anywhere.

Of course, speed is not the top priority for everyone all the time. We also joyfully serve those enjoying a leisurely exploration of their chosen language(s) on a gentle learning curve.

Languages of Interest.

We are interested in providing resources for all the languages of the world, regardless of their commercial value.


We serve the language community — all those who want to learn a language, need to learn a language, teach a language or are responsible for the language capabilities of an organization or community.

We understand that service is the foundation of lasting company value. In our view, a company's long-term financial stability is the result of that company understanding and serving its chosen community extraordinarily well while running itself competently. Most else is transitory or fictional. We are in it for the long term, and for real.

Thank You.

Thank you for being a part of what we do. We appreciate that you use our resources, buy our products, offer suggestions, tell others about us, contribute content, serve your own community of learners by exploiting our learning tools, or otherwise join with us in encouraging and supporting language learning both for practical necessity and for fun. We think it's good business to serve you well, but we also enjoy it. Best of success with your chosen language(s). Thanks for everything!

Start learning, choose from over 100 languages.