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Simply Better Language Learning

Trusted by the Experts. Created for You.

  • PC & Mac
  • Live Instruction
  • Mobile
  • Audio
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Prepare Your Students to Succeed
Long After Graduation

  • World Language Instructors - Customize to your curriculum
  • Language Resource Centers - Supplement your existing courses
  • Academic Libraries - Cover your entire campus
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All US military and federal government personnel have licensed access to the CL-150
via Joint Language University.

CL-150 Technology Matrix for
Critical Languages

The CL-150 is a suite of innovative technology and content designed to aggressively and economically support the improvement of the language and culture readiness of U.S. Government organizations.

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Give Your Patrons More than Books

  • Public Libraries - Provide your patrons hundreds of hours of learning in more than 90 languages, including ESL
  • Academic Libraries - Enable your entire campus with web‑delivered language learning
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Empower Your Employees to Succeed
in the Competitive Global Environment

  • Customizable learning material to fit your requirements
  • Professional instructor-led training for high-level needs
  • Proficiency assessments to help monitor and evaluate progress
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Online Language Software

The only program you'll ever need.

Transparent LanguageTM

Featuring a scientifically-proven methodology, the widest variety of high-quality learning material, and seamless integration of real-life language use by native speakers - all packaged together in an easy‑to‑use interface - Transparent Language is simply the best language learning program around.

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Live Instruction & Tutoring

Connect with a real language teacher.

Transparent ConnectTM

Extend your traditional language learning by accessing live, professionally-trained online instructors and tutors. The enhanced learning experience provides you with more one on one time, as well as the opportunity to participate in real conversation practice.

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US Military & Federal Government Personnel

All USG personnel are authorized to use the CL-150 Technology Matrix for Critical Languages, sponsored by Joint Language University. Covering 120+ languages, the groundbreaking CL-150 offers more efficient, reliable and compelling language learning and sustainment, plus instructor and administrator support.

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We create the stuff that actually works.

The software and technology trusted by the experts
and used to make learning a language easier, faster, and more enjoyable for everyone.

At the heart of our technology is a research-based and experience-driven methodology designed to help adult learners quickly and clearly master a new language. More so than any other language company, we rely on work from the experts in both linguistics and neuroscience to create products that work - supported by expert research and proven best practices from the nation's leading professional language schools and government agencies. The Science Behind our Success »

Instead of just making it fun
and just making it easy,
we also make it work.

Michael Quinlan
Founder & CEO
7000 Languages Project

The 7000 Languages Project is a non-profit effort to make world-class language learning technology available to language teams working with lesser-known and under-resourced languages. In April 2013, Transparent Language launched the 7000 Languages Project, an expanded effort to make their technology for language learning and teaching freely available to the proponents and practitioners of under-resourced languages. Learn more »