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KidSpeak Language Learning Software


The fun way for kids to learn a new language, KidSpeak is a language-learning breakthrough that makes learning easy for kids of all ages in pre-K, elementary and middle school.

Available for Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish,
KidSpeak 6-in-1 World Pack, KidSpeak 4-in-1 Asian Pack.

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For Windows

Language Learning Software For Children

Children absorb language at a much faster pace than adults, and those exposed to bilingualism early in their lives are light years ahead of their peers later in life when it comes to speaking a second language. The window is short, and KidSpeak, designed for children aged 5 to 13, offers parents an interactive, entertaining solution for preparing their child for a multilingual future while the time is right.

KidSpeak is a language-learning breakthrough that combines fun interactive activities with games and songs to make learning second languages easy.

A perfect way to get your kids started with a new language, KidSpeak combines fun interactive activities, with puzzles and songs to make learning second languages simple. Children won't think of it as an award-winning educational software program, though...they'll say that it's just plain FUN! Your child will build a solid foreign-language foundation using the successful immersion approach preferred by educators.

Each language is hosted by a fun cartoon "friend" and his or her playful pet who only communicate in the language being taught. Your child simply points and clicks. (Of course, help in English is never more than a mouse click away.) With KidSpeak, your child will automatically learn correct pronunciation, alphabet and word recognition, simple sentence structure, plural and singular forms, numbers, simple addition and subtraction, how to tell time, and much more.

System Requirements

Windows: Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, 7, or 8; 8 MB available RAM.

Note: For the best learning experience, we recommend a minimum screen resolution of 800x600. Some netbooks may not meet this requirement.

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