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Transparent Language Online
for Libraries

New and improved features

Brand New Look: Hey, good lookin'! The new design optimizes screen space, minimizes distractions, and feels more intuitive.

The "Welcome" Lesson: Let us introduce ourselves! Using game dynamics, the Welcome Lesson walks learners through a quick, basic lesson to learn a few key words and how to use the program.

Flexible Learning Path: Follow our plan or blaze your own trail. We give each learner a starting point, but allow them to choose what they'd like to learn.

Improved Speed: The latest HTML/JavaScript frameworks make Transparent Language Online ultra-fast. No more waiting for lessons to load.

Smarter Insight and Review: The redesigned Learned Items tells users how much they've learned and when it's time to review.

More Platforms: Now optimized for touchscreen use on Android™ tablets and iPads, the new Transparent Language Online works on virtually any Internet-connected device or computer.

Practice Activities: Want to learn a little bit of the language without taking a course? Practice listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills with learning material from any lesson using over a dozen challenging activities.

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We offer different forms of licensing based on your organization's needs.

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Features users already love
in the most complete language-learning system for libraries

Multiple Choice
Multiple Choice
Four Square
Four Square
Listening Recognition
Listening Recognition

95+ Languages (and growing!): From Afrikaans to Zulu, the number of languages available to learners is constantly growing.

Extensive English Collection: With English materials for speakers of 25+ languages, an intermediate-level immersion course, and more, we have the tools for every English learner.

Core Skill-Building Activities: Give your language learners the most robust program that builds all four core skills; listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Typing Activities: Never typed in a foreign language before? No problem! Beginners start with Easy Typing to input foreign characters. Intermediate learners can advance to type with the included fully-mapped native keyboard.

Speaking Practice: We leverage our proprietary EveryVoice™ technology to speech-enable classic learning activities like Multiple Choice and Pronunciation Practice, allowing learners to compare their pronunciation to that of a native speaker.

Each language is more than just an online course

Alphabet lessons: You can't learn to read or write if you don't know the alphabet. Get learners started on the right foot with our Alphabet course.

Got grammar? We sure do, and more! An extensive collection of videos and written explanations covers hundreds of grammar topics, providing learners with a foundation to build upon.

Other great resources: Language and Culture blogs, Word of the Day, and interactive social communities help learners expand upon the basic learning material by connecting them with others and allowing learners to practice using language in the real world.

Essentials™ Courses: With 40 to 80 hours of learning material, each Essentials™ course provides what every learner needs to get started.

Supplemental vocabulary: Build proficiency by learning thousands of useful words and phrases categorized by topic and presented in an engaging, memory-building format complete with native speaker pronunciation.

Features For Administrators

No Extra Media: All materials are delivered online and are compatible with common web-browsers and operating systems, so there's no need for CDs, flash drives, or DVDs.

Unlimited Access: We don't limit the number of concurrent users and every learner can access the program as much as they want during the entire subscription period.

Usage Tracking: Real-time, continuously-updated usage reports help you measure ROI through an administrative portal that is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Quick and Easy Setup: With numerous authentication methods to choose from, your library can be up and running in no time.

Free Promotional Materials: We've got what you need to spread the word, from blog posts to posters and beyond.

Staff Training and Support: From webinars to technical support questions, we're here to help! Just give us a call or send us an email.

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