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Library Testimonials

Transparent Language programs are as popular as Danielle Steel novels.

My library purchased six of the Transparent Language software from Recorded Books just about a year ago. Before we even received them, we had requests for them, and they have been consistently circulating ever since. Most of the patrons using them have heard of Rosetta Stone, and are looking for a visual learning technique. The Transparent Language format is a welcome change from the 'learn in your car' sets of cds, especially for those who do not learn very well in an auditory format. We circulate the items for three weeks with one renewal - one patron has been checking out the German flash drive for the last three weeks, renewing it, returning it, placing it on hold since it usually goes out right away, and starting the process all over again ever since it arrived. She says it works perfectly for her because the depth of the program is so great, she can only absorb just so much at a time. Having a break allows her to start fresh, but still retain what she has learned so far.

Since we started circulating the 6 items in July, they have gone out 38 times - the same number as our four copies of Danielle Steel's Southern Lights, which we bought at roughly the same time. There aren't many items that circulate as much as Danielle Steel's books, so that is quite a testimonial to the popularity of the Transparent Language USBs!"

Sally Tornow New Milford Public Library, CT

Information stored on one flash drive is fantastic!

The Transparent Language software is a great language-learning option for Wilton Library. Patrons appreciate the combination of visual and audio elements that this software includes. The virtual flashcards are an intuitive way to learn by seeing and hearing words. The videos included in some of the software add an additional facet to the learning process. Having all of the information stored on one flash drive is fantastic! We don't have to worry about scratched discs or if the patron only has a cassette player in their car. The Transparent Language software from Recorded Books is the next generation of language-learning media."

Melissa Friedman Wilton Public Library, CT