Languages of the World Product Quizzes

These online quizzes are based on the Latvian content in the Transparent Language's Languages of the World program.

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PART I: Fill in the Blank
Pick the Latvian word that best completes the sentence.

Ņemiet __________ labu!

1. Vai jūs ___________ angliski?

2. Vai te varu _______________ naudu?

3. Es vēlētos ____________ sarkanvōna.

4. Es gribētu _____________ ar ceļojuma čekiem.

5. Cikos atiet nākošais _______________ uz Rigu?

Part II: Word Translation
Choose the Latvian translation for the English word shown. Nouns are shown in the nominative form.


1. please

2. week

3. friend

4. ticket

5. menu

Part III. Sentence Translation
Select the Latvian translation for the English sentence shown.

What did you say?

1. Could you help me?

2. I am sorry.

3. What is the rate of exchange?

4. What time is it?

5. I would like a glass of local beer.

Part IV. Learn Your Numbers!
Check the numeral that matches the Latvian word.


1. četri

2. vienpadsmit

3. simts

4. piecdesmit

5. divi

Part V. Match the English Translation
Select the best English translation for each Latvian sentence.


1. Cikos var reģistrēties?

2. Paldies par jūsu palōdzōbu.

3. Griežaties pa kreisi.

4. Ko jūs varat ieteikt?

5. Cik maksā biļete?

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