Languages of the World Product Quizzes

These online quizzes are based on the Irish content in the Transparent Language's Languages of the World program.

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PART I: Fill in the Blank
Pick the Irish word that matches the English word.

An bhfuil seomra singil le _[bath]______ agat?

1. Ba mhaith liom m'_[key], más é do thoil é?

2. An féidir _[money]_____ a mhalartú anseo?

3. Ba mhaith liom tuairisc a chur faoi mo __[tickets]_____.

4. Cas ar thaobh na láimhe __[left]_____.

5. Ba mhaith liom gloine __[lager]_____.

Part II: Word Translation
Choose the Irish translation for the English word shown.


1. hotel

2. room

3. train

4. bottle

5. soup

Part III. Pick the Irish Translation
Select the Irish translation for the English sentence shown.

What is your name?

1. I am very pleased to meet you.

2. What is your rate?

3. Here is my passport.

4. What time does it arrive in Dublin?

5. I would like my steak medium.

Part IV. Learn Your Numbers!
Check the numeral that matches the Irish word.


1. naoi

2. trí déag

3. fiche

4. caoga

5. céad

Part V. Match the English Translation
Select the English translation for each Irish sentence.

An miste leat labhairt níos moille?

1. Cá bhfuil an seomra folctha?

2. Ba mhór an cúnamh thú.

3. Níl aon rud le hadmháil agam.

4. Is sráid aontreo í seo.

5. An bhfuil an airgead láimhe curtha san áireamh?

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