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Languages of the World Product Quizzes

These online quizzes are based on the Hindi content in the Transparent Language's Languages of the World program.

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PART I: Fill in the Blank
Pick the Hindi word that best completes the sentence.

Apkee kripA ___________ .

1. mein ___________ thoDee see hindi boltee hoon.

2. hamay alag-alag do __________ chAhiyay.

3. madad kay liyay ___________ dhanyavAd.

4. seedhay chaltay __________ .

5. mujhay ____________ pasand nahin hai.

Part II: Word Translation
Choose the Hindi translation for the English word shown.


1. English

2. please

3. purse

4. help

5. summer

Part III. Sentence Translation
Select the Hindi translation for the English sentence shown.

kyA Ap thoDa dheeray-dheeray bol saktee hein?

1. mujhay kshamA keejiyay.

2. gusalkhAnA kahAn hai?

3. badlee kA rayT kyA hai?

4. mein apnay TikaT kay bAray mayn kuchh poochhnA chAhtA hoon.

5. mujhay ayk gilAs neebu-pAni chAhiyay.

Part IV. Learn Your Numbers!
Check the numeral that matches the XXX word.


1. shoonya

2. unnees

3. bArah

4. sau

5. bAayis

Part V. Match the English Translation
Select the best English translation for each Hindi sentence.

kyA Ap angrayzee boltee hein?

1. Apsay milkar bahut khusee hui.

2. kyA yeh chori ho gayay?

3. kyA ham dayr say pahunch rahay hein?

4. sankayton ko paDhtay rahayn.

5. Apnay rizarvayshan kab kiyA thA?

When you have answered all questions, press the Evaluate button. To start over press the Reset button.

Practice Makes Perfect
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