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Languages of the World Product Quizzes

These online quizzes are based on the Farsi content in the Transparent Language's Languages of the World program.

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PART I: Fill in the Blank
Pick the Farsi word that best completes the sentence.

EXAMPLE: Esm-e man Yaasaman _____.

1. Man faghat kami _____ sohbat mikonam.

2. Parviz, baa Shirin _____ shavid.

3. Maayelam chand chek-e _____ naghd konam.

4. Hasht-o _____ panj daghigh-e ast.

5. Nim botr sharaab-e sefid _____.

Part II: Word Translation
Choose the Farsi translation for the English word shown.

EXAMPLE: friend

1. bottle

2. yes

3. morning

4. name

5. reservation

Part III. Sentence Translation
Select the Farsi translation for the English sentence shown.

EXAMPLE: I am very glad to meet you.

1. Sleeping car, please.

2. Is the tip included?

3. Thanks for your help.

4. My dress and my husband's suit need to be pressed.

5. We would like two beds.

Part IV. Learn Your Numbers!
Check the numeral that matches the Farsi word.


1. chahaar

2. yaazdah

3. bist

4. hashtaad

5. si

Part V. Match the English Translation
Select the best English translation for each Farsi sentence.

EXAMPLE: Man faghat kami Faarsi sohbat mikonam.

1. Kodaam raa tosiy-e mikonid?

2. Bahqay-e belit cheghadr ast?

3. Mikhaastam chand chek-e mosaaferati bekharam.

4. Otaagh-e yeknafar-e baa hammaam raa tarjih midaham.

5. Man faghat kami Faarsi sohbat mikonam.

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