Languages of the World Product Quizzes

These online quizzes are based on the Catalan content in the Transparent Language's Languages of the World program.

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PART I: Fill in the Blank
Pick the Catalan word that best completes the sentence.

EXAMPLE: Si ________ plau.

1. Tinc molt ___________ de conèixer-la.

2. Preferiria __________ habitació amb bany.

3. A quant està el __________ avui?

4. No ___________ res per declarar.

5. Vull una botella de vi ____________ .

Part II: Word Translation
Choose the Catalan translation for the English word shown.


1. to speak

2. bed

3. street

4. summer

5. lemon

Part III. Sentence Translation
Select the Catalan translation for the English sentence shown.

EXAMPLE: What did you say?

1. I understand you.

2. What is the exchange rate?

3. It is not far.

4. I would like my steak well done.

5. Would you like an aperitif?

Part IV. Learn Your Numbers!
Check the numeral that matches the Catalan word.


1. dotze

2. seixanta

3. setze

4. cinc

5. noranta

Part V. Match the English Translation
Select the best English translation for each Catalan sentence.

EXAMPLE: Com se diu?

1. Ho sento.

2. Em podria donar la meva clau?

3. Puc canviar diners aquí?

4. Segueixi les indicacions.

5. Puc veure la carta?

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