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Instructor CL-150 Certification Course


The Instructor CL-150 Certification Course provides instructors with an in-depth orientation of our CL-150 technologies (LessonGin, etc.) and Declaratively Accelerated Blended Learning (DABL). Upon certification, instructors will be able to leverage the CL-150 and DABL to optimize student performance by enhancing lesson planning and instructional delivery. CL-150 Certification is valid for 12 months and Transparent Language maintains a database of "CL-150 Certified" instructors.

Recommended Audience

Certification is meant for US Government and US Government-contracted language instructors.

How to Schedule and Complete Instructor CL-150 Certification

Create a CL-150 account via:

Joint Language University (


Special Operations Forces Tele-training System ( for USSOCOM-respective language instructors

Complete the Pre-CL-150 Certification Prep Course available on the CL-150 Website

(click on the "Instructor Certification" tab)

Schedule Instructor CL-150 Certification via:

Webinar/online training


Mobile Training Team (scheduled through the respective Command Language Program Manager or Instructor Supervisor)

The Pre-CL-150 Certification Prep Course

CL-150 training products, technologies, and component technologies are proprietary to Transparent Language, Inc.