CL-150 Cohort Coaching

Our "Coaches" prevent "language proficiency drop-off" by integrating CL-150 technologies and real-time authentic content to directly and continuously support globally dispersed and operational language professional communities (Intelligence, SOF, FAOs, Diplomats, Advisors, etc.).

  • Focused Lessons/"Sustainment Workouts": Coaches author and deliver relevant, authentic lessons designed to engage and challenge cohort members' proficiency threshold.
  • Independent Study: Lessons can be completed anytime, anywhere and on almost any computer or mobile device.
  • Language Proficiency Maintenance: Regularly-provided lessons fight language proficiency drop-offs through consistent engagement and review.
  • Support for Entire Units: Reach and build capacity across an entire unit – including those with limited or no designated training time and access to traditional language support.
  • Ongoing Feedback: Coaches provide encouragement and support to all cohorts.
  • Continuous Reporting: Real-time, data-driven training metrics will be reported on and available for CLPMs and training administration.

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Lesson Features

CL-150 Cohort Coaches develop and distribute focused lessons or "sustainment workouts" each week. Cohort members can complete lessons anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Lessons are designed along the following guidelines:

  • Languages: Cohorts are currently available for Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), Farsi, Arabic (Levantine), Pashto, Chinese (Mandarin), Korean, Russian, and Spanish (Latin American).
  • Proficiency Focus: Training cohorts are currently available for ILR levels 2, 2+, and 3.
  • Distribution: Cohort members are notified of new language refresher, sustainment, and enhancement lesson "workouts" at the beginning of every week.
  • Domain-Specific, Authentic Content: Each lesson is based on fresh, authentic content and focused on one of the following domains: culture, economy, environment, geography, military, politics, science, security, society, or technology.
  • Skill-Building Activities: Lessons will include both "Quick Study" and "Endurance Study" learning activities focusing on the listening, reading, and writing proficiency modalities.
  • Major International News Event (MINE) lessons: As news events warrant, occasional MINE lessons may be distributed.
  • Community Use: Language instructors and mentors across the community can also use our ready-made, weekly LessonGin lessons as supplemental in-class and homework materials.

How to Enroll

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Language and Enrollment Code
ILR Level MSA Persian Farsi Arabic (Levantine) Pashto Chinese (Mandarin) Korean Russian Spanish (Latin American)
ILR 2 cohort001 cohort004 cohort007 cohort010 cohort013 cohort016 cohort019 cohort022
ILR 2+ cohort002 cohort005 cohort008 cohort011 cohort014 cohort017 cohort020 cohort023
ILR 3 cohort003 cohort006 cohort009 cohort012 cohort015 cohort018 cohort021 cohort024

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