Accessing the CL-150 through Joint Language University or Other Designated Portals

The CL-150 is currently licensed for use by all personnel and programs of a number of U.S. defense and intelligence organizations, and is widely licensed for use by designated individuals and programs in many more organizations across USG. Transparent Language's goal is not to defeat its competitors by maintaining the CL-150's growing suite of powerful language-focused capability for Transparent Language's use. Our goal is to the contrary to maximize the CL-150's long-term value to the community by making CL-150 capability available to all USG personnel and programs and their supporting contractors and vendors.

Available at no charge to all federal government and US military personnel and programs.

All U.S. military and federal government personnel are currently able to use Transparent Language's CL-150 Platform at no charge. Sponsorship and access are provided to all federal government and U.S. military personnel via the Department of Defense's language portal, Joint Language University. Future availability of JLU-sponsored CL-150 licenses is not guaranteed, and such licenses should not be relied upon for formal support of a USG program for a specific period of performance.

The CL-150 is a comprehensive suite of innovative and powerful technology and materials for language learning, teaching, assessment, and reporting. The CL-150's mission is to substantially improve the economics of building language capability in U.S. Government organizations.

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How to Access the CL-150 through JLU

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Instructions for Certain Personnel

Certain personnel should access the CL-150 via their designated organization portals

Special Operations Command and other Government organizations using CL-150 authorization codes for access via the CL-150 Website can log in here.

Contract/Vendor instructors: Please contact the CL-150 Support Team, Contract/Vendor language instructors are eligible to use the CL-150 to support CL-150-licensed students.