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armchair ©Photodisc/Getty Images; Lamp ©Stockbyte/Getty Images; dresser © D. Hurst/Alamy; mirror ©Stockbyte/Getty Images; toothbrush ©Image Ideas/Jupiterimages; taking a shower ©Photodisc/Getty Images; mascara ©Corbis; razor ©Comstock/Getty Images; lipstick ©Comstock/Getty Images; windsurfing ©Photodisc/Getty Images; downhill skier ©Photodisc/Getty Images; surfing ©Greg Ewing/Getty Images; biking ©Photodisc/Getty Images; jogging ©Photodisc/Getty Images; sailboat ©Corbis; skateboarding ©Fuse/Getty Images; snowboarding ©Corbis; snowboarding ©Corbis; movie star ©Corbis; banana ©Comstock/Getty Images; broccoli Comstock/Getty Images; carrot ©Getty Images; cherries ©PhotoAlto/Getty Images; mushroom ©Comstock/Getty Images; strawberries ©Comstock/Getty Images; green beans ©Comstock/Getty Images; melon ©Comstock/Getty Images; peas ©Corbis; pear ©Stockbyte/Getty Images; apple ©Digital Vision/Getty Images; tomato ©Digital Vision/Getty Images; to drive Royalty-Free/Corbis; driver's licence Photodisc/Getty Images; driving school Ryan McVay/PhotoDisc/gettyimages; sports car Jupiterimages/Getty Images; convertible ©Corbis; truck ©Fuse/Getty Images; Pumping Gas ©photodisc/Getty Images; person pumping gas ©Steve Allen/Getty Images; engine ©Michael Ventura/Alamy; polo shirt Hugh Threlfall / Alamy; blinker Comstock/Getty Images; seat belt Image Source/Getty Images; striped fabric Photodisc/Getty Images; tire Stockbyte/Getty Images; winsheild ©Corbis; winter jacket PhotoDisc/Getty Images; rear view window Patrick Strattner/fStop/Getty Images; velvet Jupiterimages/Getty Images; a driver honking a horn on a steering wheel ©Digital Vision/Getty Images; leather Photodisc/Getty Images; keyes Image Source/Getty Images; wool Photodisc/Getty Images; Rain on windshield ©Richard Nowitz/Getty Images; linen ©Andrey Semenov/Alamy; fur Comstock/Getty Images; barn ©Getty Images; landscape Image Ideas/Jupiterimages/Getty Images; tracker Alamy; sheep Getty Images/Photodisc; goat ©GK Hart/Vikki Hart/Getty Images; donkey ©Photodisc/Getty Images; villiage MedioImages/Getty Images; woman relaxing Photodisc/Getty Images; woman at the water ©Corbis; lake ©Purestock/Superstock; Beautiful mountain and lake landscape ruined by heavy trash pollution, Bicaz Lake, Romania ©HMH; pig ©UK Stock Images LTD/Alamy Images; chicken in a coop ©Getty Images; cow grazing ©OJPHOTOS/Alamy Images; horse ©; rabbit DAJ/Getty Images; mallard duck ©Stockbyte/Getty Images; farm Corbis; field ©Digital Vision/Getty Images; ©Richard Lewisohn/Getty Images; ©Getty Images; Photodisc/Getty Images; Photodisc/Getty Images; Mel Yates/PhotoDisc/Getty Images; Digital Vision/Getty Images; Comstock/Getty Images; Comstock/Getty Images; pelican swoops down ©Digital Vision/Getty Images; Photodisc/Getty Images; Giant tortoise on grass ©Houghton Mifflin Harcourt; Brand X Pictures/Jupiterimages/Getty Images; Getty Images/PhotoDisc; Images; colorful spider in web ©Alamy Images; path Comstock/Getty Images; to take a stroll ©Comstock/Getty Images; mosquito ©Redmond Durrell/Alamy Images; spider web Comstock/Jupiterimages/Getty Images; to swim ©Ryan McVay/Getty Images; river ©Michal Sleczek/Flickr/Getty Images; carbonated soft drink ©Medioimages/Corbis; vanilla ice cream Photodisc/Getty Images; soup Brand X Pictures/Getty Images; meat Photodisc/Getty Images; pork ©Corbis; roast beef Photodisc/Getty Images; salmon Photodisc/Getty Images; spaghetti Comstock/Getty Images; French fries ©Corbis; margarine ©Comstock/Getty Images; bell pepper Photodisc/Getty Images; onion Artville/Getty Images; zucchini Corbis; spices Image Source/Getty Images; eggplant Valentyn Volkov/Alamy; peach Photodisc/Getty Images; apricot ©Comstock Images/Getty Images; watermelon © Krzysiek z Poczty\Fotolia; garlic Photodisc/Getty Images; oven ©Yali Shi/iStock; stove Photodisc/Getty Images; lettuce Comstock/Getty Images; to run ©JUPITERIMAGES/ Comstock Images/Alamy Images; shoulder ©Corbis; back Liquidlibrary/Jupiterimages/Getty Images; hand Jupiterimages/Getty Images; arm ©Digital Vision/Getty Images; belly Rubberball/Getty Images; hair ©; eye ©S.E.A. Photo/Alamy Images; ear Photodisc/Getty Images; nose ©BananaStock/Jupiterimages/Getty Images; mouth Plush Studios/Bill Reitzel/Getty Images; to be X-rayed ©Photodisc/Getty Images; to give crutches ©Corbis; to bandage ©Photodisc/Getty Images; at the dentist's ©Corbis; brain ©Corbis; muscle ©Photodisc/Getty Images; bone © PhotoDisc/Getty Images; wrist ©Photodisc/Getty Images; forehead ©Lawrence Manning/Corbis; eyebrow Photodisc/Getty Images; cheek ©Alamy; toe DomenicoGelermo/ ; to sneeze ©cultura/Alamy Images; to have a temperature ©Rob Melnychuk/Getty Images; to relax Liquidlibrary/Jupiterimages/Getty Images; to smoke ©Corbis; mascara ©Corbis; deodorant ©Photodisc/Getty Images; to pitch a tent Permanent: Jupiterimages/ Thinkstock/Alamy; to camp out Corbis; to make a campfire Photodisc/Getty Images; compass ZZ/Alamy; sleeping bag Stockdisc/Getty Images; box of matches Photodisc/Getty Images; lighter Photodisc/Getty Images; sunscreen Jupiterimages/Getty Images; folding chair PhotoDisc / Getty Images; can opener Corbis; tent beyhanyazar/ ; to go for a walk ©ImageSource/Age Fotostock; grassland ©Corbis; fish ©Getty Images/PhotoDisc; ride on horseback Corbis; tree Photodisc/Getty Images; forest ©Alamy Images; squirrel ©Jerzy Kanarek/Alamy Images; river Getty Images/Photodisc; Lake ©HMH; seafood Photodisc/Getty Images; shrimp Photodisc/Getty Images; baker Adrian Peacock/Dynamic Graphics/Jupiterimages/Getty Images; cashier Comstock/Getty Images; ocean Goodshoot/Jupiterimages/Getty Images; mountains Digital Vision/Getty Images; suitcase Getty Images/Photodisc; to get vaccinated © Lisa F. Young\Fotolia; beach Photodisc/Getty Images; castle ©EcoView/Fotolia

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