10 Ways to Make More Time for Language Learning

Find time for language learning, no matter how busy your schedule.

10 Ways to Make More Time for Language Learning

It's time to make time for a new language

One of the most common reasons learners give up on a new language is a perceived lack of time. While daily exposure to a language is paramount to the learning process, you do not need to devote hour after hour to studying. Just half an hour of studying per day will ensure language retention and prevent you from burning out. Think you don't have 30 minutes to spare? We've written this eBook to help you find that time, every day.

No more excuses. Make more time for language learning with these 10 simple changes to your daily routine, including:
  • Identifying time wasters
  • Using up dead time
  • Buying time
  • Teaming up
  • And more!

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