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Transparent Language Partner School Receives Award for Excellence in Education

East Kingston Elementary School Named the 2013 Elementary School of Excellence.

Nashua, N.H., June 11, 2013 - Transparent Language Inc., a leading provider of language-learning technology for government, education, corporations, libraries, and consumers, proudly congratulates East Kingston Elementary School (EKES), which was named as the 2013 recipient of the Elementary School of Excellence. Presented as part of the New Hampshire Excellence in Education Awards (the "ED"ies), the honor recognizes the top elementary, middle, and high schools with a commitment to quality education and a highly-collaborative relationship with the local community.

In just one example of how EKES has tapped the local community to provide a high-quality, efficient, and effective education to its students, the school's language lab began collaborating with Transparent Language, a NH-based business, to provide personalized foreign language learning experiences. The foreign language department at East Kingston began working with Transparent Language in the fall of 2012. By leveraging the Transparent Connect virtual classroom service and the self-guided Transparent Language Online resources, the school has been able to give students the opportunity to explore a variety of languages that they may not have been able to study otherwise.

Students in this program follow a modified "flipped classroom" approach, in which they complete assigned activities in Transparent Language Online prior to meeting with their live instructor via Transparent Connect. The third, fourth, and fifth graders currently enrolled in this program at EKES are enjoying the classes, which has kept them motivated as they learn French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Vietnamese, among other languages.

"Transparent Language has allowed us to offer multiple languages and ensure students receive direct instruction by a qualified language instructor in the target language. Students look forward to working in the virtual classroom with their instructor and have remained engaged throughout the year," commented Heather Reed, Technology Coordinator and Foreign Language Lead at East Kingston Elementary. "Walking around, I can tell that students' understanding and pronunciation have improved tremendously over the course of the year. It has been great to work with Transparent Language; the instructors do a fantastic job of creating curriculum that engages students and are always prepared and organized."

Through the innovative implementation of Transparent Language materials into their language curriculum, the East Kingston staff has overcome budgetary and bandwidth constraints while ensuring each student receives quality instruction tailored to his or her interests and needs. It was this commitment to providing an engaging, individualized education that impressed representatives from the "ED"ies Committee during their school visit to East Kingston Elementary last month. All of this year's recipients were honored at the 20th Annual "ED"ies Award Gala on Saturday, June 8.

Transparent Language is proud to support our community's educators, and congratulates East Kingston Elementary School on receiving a well-deserved 2013 Excellence in Education Award.

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