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MSNBC Praises Popular Chinese Language-Learning Feed as "Invaluable"

Transparent Language's Chinese Twitter feed featured on's "Top 5 List for Doing Business in China".

Nashua, N.H., May 9, 2012 - In a recent review of several top Chinese Twitter™ feeds, via commended Transparent Language's @ChineseLanguage as one that provides "invaluable insight for entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on the opportunities available in this growing Asian economy." With over 6,000 followers, Transparent Chinese is a popular choice for language learners interested in combining a community aspect to their learning. To read the full article, visit

@ChineseLanguage is part of Transparent Language's free resources for language learners and fans. In addition to the Twitter feed, the company publishes a series of free online resources, including:

  • Mandarin Chinese Word of the Day - Designed to make language part of learners' daily routines by presenting and teaching proper usage of a new word each day, Chinese Word of the Day provides a sample sentence and audio pronunciation. This free service adds a unique twist by providing Twitter™ search functionality to find social media discussions in which the day's word is being used, allowing learners to see exactly how the word is employed by real, native speakers in everyday life.
  • Mandarin Chinese Language and Culture Blog - Written by a team of educators, learners, and native speakers, Transparent Language's Language and Culture Blogs are designed to enrich basic language studies with cultural vibrancy and commentary on current events and real-world topics. With 30 Language and Culture Blogs available, readers gain language-learning tips and tricks, as well as cultural information surrounding their target language.
  • Chinese Facebook page - With over 60,000 fans of Chinese language and culture, from experts and natives to educators and brand new language learners, the only requirement for this community's membership is a passion for the language and culture of China. Community members trying to learn Chinese discuss and help one another with all things Chinese-language related.

Packed with authentic content from dedicated Chinese instructors and fans, these resources provide a wealth of language and culture learning.

In addition to Chinese, Transparent Language's Twitter feeds are available in over 25 unique languages. These feeds help educate followers on popular topics, such as culture, words and phrases, and current events. For users of Transparent Language's language-learning software, Twitter™ Integration delivers a real-time Twitter search of words and phrases the user is learning so they can see real-world examples of how people use them in actual conversations.

With over 2.25 million fans and growing, Transparent Language's social media communities and free resources are attracting new fans, followers, and subscribers daily. As a leading provider of language-learning solutions for the government, military, education, library, corporate, and consumer markets, Transparent Language takes pride in offering a variety of free resources that language learners can reference to enhance their language ability. For a full list of free, language-specific resources, visit:

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