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Everywhere Audio Course

Everywhere Audio Course - Language Learning Audio CDs

Everywhere Audio is a fun and effective audio course that helps you to build vocabulary, speech, pronunciation, and grammar skills. Expand your learning time away from your class or online program by simply hearing native speakers and narration in scenarios that you can use. It's available on CD or as MP3 downloads, and is designed for beginning to intermediate learning. Listen in the car, at the gym or just around the house with Everywhere Audio language learning audio CDs.

Available in Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Inglés, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish,


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Everywhere Audio - A Standalone Audio Course:

  • Features 35 audio lessons for beginner to intermediate learners, allowing for language learning on-the-go
  • Contains vocabulary and grammar overviews, as well as real-life dialogues to build your speaking and listening skills
  • Is available as either CDs or as MP3 audio files to be used in the car or on any MP3 audio player

Hands-free Learning!

Learning a new language is a rich and rewarding experience, but it takes time. If you are like many learners, finding the time to work with your new language is often more challenging than the language itself. Everywhere Audio is an all-audio course. No reading is required. Lessons begin with vocabulary and a quick grammar lesson followed by interesting, real-life dialogues that build your speaking and listening skills.

Easy-to-Follow Lessons

English speaking instructors guide you through each of the 35 lessons. Native speakers provide examples of dialogues. You simply listen and repeat. It's as easy as that.

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