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What will I get?

Transparent Connect Classroom is the ultimate solution for learners seeking guidance from an expert instructor. With our online courses, you will get everything you need, including:

  • a course syllabus crafted around your unique proficiency level, goals, and interests
  • 8 one-hour class sessions taught by a real, live Instructor in our online classroom environment
  • small class sizes of no more than six students, ensuring targeted feedback every step of the way
  • a 3-month subscription to Transparent Language Online, for additional study outside of class

Available Languages:

Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, and Spanish

Convenient Class Options

New classes start each week. Transparent Connect Classroom courses are held in our online classroom environment, accessible via your web-browser. Students use video and/or a microphone to interact with their instructor and other students. Classes are available for various proficiency levels, with multiple days and times for each class level.

Customized lessons

Your course will be customized to your language proficiency level, goals, and interests. Unlike other programs, our instructors don't have a predetermined syllabus. Each course begins with a FREE course orientation, where your instructor will get to know you. Your own personalized syllabus will be developed and each class will be tailored to meet your emerging needs.

Background: PhD in Mass Communications. Works in the financial services industry.
Current status: half way through Advanced German (Course 5)

Irmtraud [our Transparent Connect instructor] now provides video for us to watch and hear before class, and the content is pegged to that week's class theme. Before this, I would pay $100 a year to Yabla to get video. Then I'd pay something to LiveMocha to be able to write email to a native speaker. Now via TL, we can do it all and take our questions up with a native speaker who also speaks nuanced English.